Questions About V-Day (Free Printables, too)

I was never one of those girls that wanted cards, candy, flowers, and jewelry for Valentine's Day. I always viewed these gifts as unimportant if bought and given on Valentines Day as per "the standard". Even at my most young self, I didn't care for these things. This isn't to say I don't think they're nice, I just understand they really hold no meaningful value in and of themselves.Experiences make life worthwhile. Shared experiences bring so much more to a person, a couple, a family, a child. At the same time, I value meaningful traditions....more

Before/After: Kitchen

I hope everyone in the path of today’s snowstorm is staying warm and safe. We’ve already gotten about a foot so far and it’s not showing any signs of letting up! As for my readers in warm places like Florida and New Zealand… can I come visit?!For this week’s Before/After look we will be checking out the room that has seen the MOST change in the past two years… the kitchen!...more

Kitchen revamp & organization 2014

We’ve been in our townhouse for a bit over a year and while our kitchen isn’t a disaster, it’s becoming more clear that it is certainly not as organized or functional as it easily could be.Enter the Kitchen Revamp & Organization 2014 series!...more

valentines inspiration

for the shortest month of the year, february - sure gets much of my attention, especially valentine's day. over the years i have posted a bit on the topic. here are all my valentines posts archived right here in one place :)...more

DIY Graphic Word Tee

Before/After on the CHEAP: Bathrooms

Next up on our fun before/after list is our three bathrooms – one half-bath on the first floor and two full bathrooms upstairs. Three bathrooms sounds like kind of a lot, but our townhouse had four full bathrooms so having one less to clean really rocks my world....more

DIY Anthropologie-Style Fabric Letter


How to Choose the Best DIY Slipcover Design

I recently shared a photo of a sewing project that’s been in the works for the past two weeks – dining chair slipcovers! Since we are now new owners of a soft mango wood dining table and Basque dining chairs to properly host anything from a casual to formal dinner party, I wanted to make some dining slipcovers that fit the need of our busy family....more

How to Prep Trim for Paint

Phase two took over our home last week. Phase two and a few other projects (insert sneaky side glances here). I’ll get to the projects later....more
Thanks for the tip! I think I need to invest in nicer tape. Every time I would press down into ...more

valentines candy conversation hearts decor diy!!!

here's a quick and easy DIY for a last minute valentine's day touch. pour a few bags of candy conversation hearts (my favorite) into your gum ball machine!...more