DIY Recycled Light Fixture Mirror

It is a dreary day here in Texas, but I won't complain because we desperately need the rain! Along with it comes cooler temps and it actually feels like fall is here! *insert happy-dance-because-I-can't-stand-the-heat-any-longer* That does however put a kink in what I had planned for today, so I've got an impromptu project to share with y'all this morning!...more

Awesome DIY Baby Shower Gift

Gift registries are good, but sometimes I just want to make something personal for my friends.Check out this adorable project I made for a friend's baby shower.Make sure to go see a few more photos!!!...more

DIY bracelet eye of sea!


3 hour patchwork quilt

BY Emily of Blue Corduroy...more

Sundance Hooked Rug: Repair Job

Sundance Hooked Rug: Repair JobWeekend Repair JobSundance Hooked RugI have owned this beautiful hooked rug for about five years and after having it professionally cleaned I felt it was time for some repair work....more

DIY Ink Splatter Wall Art

Originally posted on thegypsywife.comI was searching the internet for inspiration on a DIY wall art idea, when I came across this amazing living room on Pinterest. I’ve obsessed about ink splatter wall art ever since!I put together a quick little DIY and created my own piece. I absolutely love it! If you are looking for an easy and modern DIY wall art idea, this is it!...more
Awesome! :)more

Hardware Store: DIY Curtains and Curtain Rod

Eric graduated in December and has  been renting a cute little brick house ever since. Don't get me wrong I love the house but there is a LOT to do to make it a home. If he had bought this house so much more would already be done know how that goes....more

Refabbed! Playroom Lamp

After DIY'ing some fun new orange tables for the playroom in our house I needed a new lamp. I wanted something inexpensive since there was a strong possibility it might have toys, books, or even my child flying through the air at it! After my research revealed that what I had in mind would be out of my price range I headed to goodwill and took the DIY route instead of buying brand new.  Check out the rest and see if you can tell the difference between $100+ lamps and mine $24 refab!
I always forget that lamps can be spray painted. Always.more

What I didn't know about sewing machines.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you would know I am taking ‘Sewing Machine 911′ online course from Craftsy. Today I wanna share a short summary of all the wonderful sewing machine tips I’ve learned so far.For more please visit this link....more

DIY turban for a Cool Summer! ...more