DIY Cutting Boards

I will be posting updates my cuttiing board projects. Stay tuned!...more

Hula hoop Chanel! Diy!

Underground Outfit with my new Diy Bracelet!

You too can create a Watermark {for your photographs} using Picmonkey or Ribbet!

I feel like I struck gold last week when I finally figured out how to create a Transparent Watermark ….  and I was able to do it without Photo Shop!!!!...more

DIY Bag inspired by Alexander Wang

Jump Start Your Creativity with a Doodle a Day April Challenge

[Editor's Note: I love creative prompts. Sure I could make myself a list, but following someone else's is so much easier. Illustrator Rhianna Wurman from Ello Lovey was kind enough to make a doodle a day list and share it with her Instagram followers. A doodle a day seems like the perfect way to jump start my creativity this spring. Won't you join in the fun? - Jen]...more
I gotta say my version of distance did not come out so hot, but at least I tried!more