Putting up Wallpaper..."how hard can it be?"

After buying a cozy little fixer-upper in the Husdon River Valley and spending the first 20 or so weekends pulling down wallpaper, refinishing the hardwood floors, painting walls and spending A LOT of time trying to tame "Ma-Nature" in the 2 acres out back...we finally needed to put up wallpaper.  Neither me or my "how hard can it be" hubby had done this before but that's never stopped us in the past  :)...more

Diy necklace Japan style

The Sharpie Mug DIY!

The Sharpie Mug! ...more

DIY'ing weekend...or week...or month!

I hope everyone enjoyed their day of celebrating the fourth of July. Our little family had a wonderful time staying at home, smoking pork and watching the neighborhood fireworks show. Amelia is not a huge fireworks fan, she doesn't like loud noises, but this year she tolerated them to the end in contrast to last year when she ran inside and hid in mommys bed. ...more

How to make your own canvas photo!


Paint It Black - What a Difference a Door Color Makes

We recently started working on our front entrance by replacing our ugly uninspiring light fixture with a DIY chandelier made with coffee filters, something that reflects us both very well as we both love some fine brewed java. Next on the dusty to-do list was painting the front door which we wanted to scream glam, so inspired by our trip to Paris we painted it black and white, similar to the style of the famous French fashion designer Coco Channel....more
Love the effect and so easy. I also love black and use it from time to time to add drama where ...more

Outfit with my DIY denim dress inspired by @CHANEL !


Gas Cubby Car Maintenance App

 Gas Cubby App...more