Recovering an Old Desktop

When we moved over to Wichita my mom gathered up all my belongings that she didn’t want/need in her house anymore. One of those things was a desk. It was my childhood desk that my mom brilliantly put together. It’s two cabinets from Walmart with their original tops taken off and replaced by a large peace of plywood covered in fabric....more

Cat question: Catproof upholstery for an office chair?

We’ve recently moved my desk and the office chair into our bedroom as I’ve found it makes me more productive. The cats have taken a strong liking to the chair and sleep on it any chance they get.We don’t mind this, but the chair fabric is taking a beating. Our cats aren’t bad with scratching in general. They have figured out that scratching the back of the chair is a great way to get our attention fast. And because they still have their claws, material snags on it by accident once in a while as well.Hence, catproofing the office chair....more
I have several cats and they all live indoors.  I trim their claws about two times a month which ...more

Outfit and DIY Bag inspired by Burberry Prorsum!

Be Thrifty.

In a major attempt to de-clutter my house and hence my life, I have started to sift through one room a week.  More on this later....With this comes lots of little piles of stuff that I either want to sell or give away. So once a week I drop off the "give away" pile at the local Goodwill on Parkway Drive.This may sound incredibly counterproductive but I just had to scoot into the Goodwill Shop just to see if there were any diamonds in the rough....more

Future Fodder

See this?...more

Reducing food waste, one vegetable scrap at a time

 "I WAS SAVING THOSE!""They were GROSS!""I WAS SAVING THOSE FOR A REASON!"Huff. Puff. Door slam. Cold shoulder.We don't fight about much, but oh did Mr. T and I exchange words over the vast pile of egg shells he threw away without my permission.Yes, I said egg shells....more

A Toddler Pillow to Make EVERYONE Happy!

Today is part two in my mini-craftinista* series and it starts with a little story…Have you heard of sleep regression? Apparently it’s a wonderful time in a child’s life where after months of going right to sleep and sleeping through the night, suddenly they don’t like to sleep anymore....more

DIY: Memory Magnets

Marcus and I love to try new restaurants and breweries so I have acquired a collection of fun coasters....more

Toddler Painting: $6 worth of materials for $60 worth of FUN!

I think this is going to be another crafty week, because darn if I haven’t been feeling like a crafting QUEEN lately.As most of you know, I was home for 16 days STRAIGHT for a sweet combo of work being closed (yay for working at a university) and a couple vacation days. SIXTEEN DAYS in a ROW. That’s kind of a lot.And no, I’m not complaining because I loved having time off to hang out with Jack and Ollie. And yoga pants. And Christmas cookies. But mostly Jack and Ollie....more
DeniseThank you so much Denise!more

Washing machine Pump Replacement I'll toot my own horn when I do something awesome. I'll toot the TOOT out of it! The feeling of doing something, teaching myself something, ACCOMPLISHING something is just so darn awesome! ...more