Washing machine Pump Replacement

www.mommiedawn.blogspot.com I'll toot my own horn when I do something awesome. I'll toot the TOOT out of it! The feeling of doing something, teaching myself something, ACCOMPLISHING something is just so darn awesome! ...more

A warm December day in south Italy... and my DIY!


How to rid your home of icky Bed Bugs without emptying your bank account

The old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20” has never been more truer than the case of my BED BUG attack. I am happy to say I fought a hard fight… and I WON!!!When I first realized the little critters scooting across my bed were actually bed bugs, I freaked!! I panicked! I called an exterminator and willingly emptied my bank account to make these bugs disappear. Looking back… I see I over reacted BIG TIME....more

DIY to Eff-It: A Cautionary Christmas Tale

Look at this spectacular Christmas wreath I made!!!  Aren’t you impressed with the glitter tulle?  And the flowers?...more
I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me.more

DIY Christmas Photobooth

the perfect way to enhance your Christmas party, family time, and playdates!what you'll need:...more

DIY Tech Gloves with Conductive Thread

I do not have fancy tech savy gloves.I am just far too cheap to purchase them as I am the type to set things down and walk away.If I have accidentally left a child behind, gloves are the last of my worries.Be nice, I have only done it once...Fortunately for me it was at a city trunk-or-treat and there were multiple policemen there.Unfortunately for me it was at a city trunk-or-treat and there were multiple policemen there.So, even though I don't have fancy tech gloves, I do have this:...more
Just wondering.... does this scratch the screen, at all?more

Homemade Dijon Style Mustard

Homemade Dijon Style MustardThis classic Dijon style mustard is easy to make and will add a savory pizazz to whatever you use it on. It’s delicious as a spread, in marinades, or as a dip for pretzels. This would be a great addition to a gift basket with some nice crackers, cheese and summer sausage or salami....more

Fun and Easy DIY Holiday Party Decorations

It's the time of year for presents, egg nog, candy canes ... and holiday parties! If you're playing host this year, I'm excited to share some fun and easy DIY ideas to help you add a personal touch to your holiday gathering. ...more

“My Hand” Snowman Ornament #ChristmasCrafts

#ChristmasCrafts "My Hand" Snowman OrnamentMake a Christmas keepsake your family can cherish for years to come.  The kids will love this one, they get to get into the paint to preserve their little prints forever....more

Cookie Cutter Ornaments - #ChristmasCrafts

#ChristmasCraftsCookie Cutter OrnamentsThese are fast and easy for kids to make.  They can express their creativity, using any colors they want for these cute Perler bead ideas....more