Back to our Roots

Hi, Blogher! I recently started a new blog documenting our current home renovation. We sold our nice, new house and took on a monster of a fixer upper. I'd love for you to follow along as we try to remodel our new (old) house and raise a toddler! :)

DIY Painted Wooden Charger Plates

Happy Monday!Brady and I are currently enjoying some EPIC mountain biking in Whistler,BC!!! Our little guy is, I’m sure, getting into all sorts of trouble with his Grandma back home as he spends his first days (and nights) away from Mommy and Daddy. We’ve been having a ton of fun barreling down the mountain on our bikes, but we are SO, SO eager to get back home to our favorite little man!...more

Mirrored Glass Candle Holders - Outdoor Makeover Challenge: Week 3

Welcome back to the third installment of our Outdoor Makeover Challenge! Just in case you’ve missed anything, here’s your chance to can catch up on Week One and Week Two....more

DIY Pottery Barn Knockoff Table

Welcome back to week two of our Outdoor Makeover Challenge!Just in case you missed out on all of the juicy details last week, here‘s a peek at what I’ve been dreaming up for the space. With a mountain of dirt for a yard at the moment and no other outdoor space, I couldn’t be more excited to be setting up our courtyard deck just in time for summer!...more

yard updates

With having some time off, I happily got some home/yard projects done. My dad is retired and super handy so he came over a couple times to help me out with projects. My mom came as well and helped me with yard work and garden planning. Our biggest project was fixing up the old trellis/archway that is at the entrance to our upper yard. Pittsburgh is super hilly, so our yard is basically three levels. You go up a flight of stairs to get to our front door. Then when you go outside our back door, there is a patio, then you go up another flight of stairs to get to the upper yard. It's weird....more

This Paper Tape Project will Make Other Playrooms Jealous

This Paper Tape Project will Make Other Playrooms Jealouscategories: Crafts ...more
The fan is fabulous. I love it.more

Summer "Unplugged" Activity Card Printables

So, this post was inspired by two things. First, I read the post, 10 Ways to Give Your Kid a 1970′s Summer by Scary Mommy. Oh my gosh, I loved it. I could relate to all of it. Today I went and got snow cones with my kids, and I was telling them how I used to ride my bike everyday in the summer to get a snow cone. They were super impressed....more

Kisses DIY scarf inspired by Yves Saint Laurent! ...more

DIY Lamp Birdbath

Dude! You totally need a lamp birdbath. By the time I am through with y'all, there's going to be lamp birdbaths lighting up your hood! Bahahaha! Lighting. That's awesome. So here's what you need: Lamp. Drill. Bowl. Epoxy glue. And spray paint if you wish. First things first: Cut the cord. ...more
birdingbabe Could you just put less water in the bowl?more

Home is Wherever I’m With You Printable

I’ve been attempting to decorate our new apartment for over a month now with…very little success. There are projects that are giving me issues or are just too expensive right now.My favorite one so far, though, was completely free!...more