How to Create Glitter Text Printables for Your Blog

There is so much to tackle as a blogger, isn't there?  Recently, I have found that creating printables or ebooks for a blog to be quite popular.   Should I, shouldn't I?  Would I even know how or what to create? And then there is the little obstacle of I'm not a graphic designer.  I don't have Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or anything like that.  ...more

Gardening: Why You Should Get Started Now

The warm air draws us outdoors and the lush blooms welcome us outside. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing (just so gorgeous), gardens have so many amazing benefits. In this day and age where we have to worry about where and how our food is grown, it’s nice to know that if you put in the effort and work hard, you can learn to be more self-sufficient. You don’t even need a large property, urban gardening is huge-think rooftop gardens and container gardens! Here are some great reasons to start or continue gardening!...more

8 Creative Ways To Display Your Kid's Art

Throughout the school year you’ve probably accumulated a nice big pile of your kid’s art and school projects. You don’t want to throw it away but you can’t save it all. I know the feeling!  So I’m sharing 8 creative ways to display your kid’s art....more
Thank you for the great ideas! I needed to come up with more than just putting them in my desk ...more

The Big 6 DIY Failures You Should Avoid

Buying a condo or house is one of the most expensive decisions in life, and when it comes to selling the property, who doesn't consider making improvements so that it makes a profit? And with  real estate prices on the rise in the Philippines, you can take advantage of it with some DIY. However, trying to keep everything within budget and to a timeframe without sacrificing quality is a tricky balancing act. With that in mind, here are the 6 top mistakes in DIY improvement:...more


Susan Fogwell www.brickhouse319.comAfter purchasing a fixer-upper, completely gutting it, building an addition and finishing all the mechanicals, making it a real home is next.This is when the home decorating phase begins. Deciding on color schemes & themes, furniture, home décor & accessories for each and every room....more

Easy DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board in 5 Simple Steps

Learn how to make your very own Wood Pallet Memo Board in 5 Easy Steps by Katriza @ .  View the excerpt below: Easy!...more