Mother's Day Card Project

I originally wanted to spend today in my backyard enjoying some warm air and sun, and yet once again the lovely Maine weather decided it'd prefer to turn cold. I can't say I'm upset though, because it gave me a chance to get started on one of a two Mother's Day cards for two special mom's in my life. I know Mother's Day is a little bit away, but I knew I needed to get a start on it now because the next time I close my eyes it'll already be May. Time seems to be flying now,  and even though I would've loved to spend time outdoors, this cold air helped whip me into crafting mode....more

Whip Up This Cute Tent for Your Kids!

I have been slowly working on different things that I am planning to put into my little guy's play/motor room that I hope to get together by this summer. One thing I wanted to put in was a tent. ...more

DIY All Natural Leave in Conditioner w/ Essential Oil

  My DIY All Natural Leave in Conditioner w/ Essential Oil...more

DIY Room & Linen Spray

  Hello Sunshine! I hope you are well. You are not going to believe this, but I had not adjusted to the time change. I was having trouble sleeping, then I was having trouble getting up in the morning.So, I decided to make my own ‘Sleepy Time Linen Spray.’ I use aromatherapy often, so making my own room and linen spray is perfect. Here is my formula for my insomnia....more

From open to closed in 30 minutes

I know lately open concept has been a huge home style trend, and it tends to be for those without clutter. I don't know how home magazines depict individuals homes as being clutter free with the same concept, as half the time just breezing in through my front door creates clutter. In one sense I envy those who can meticulously pull off the open-concept office space, and then reality sunk in when I saw this every day....more

Kid-Friendly Valentines photo craft

I just love this (somewhat) silly holiday. It was one of my Mom's favorites and it has become one of mine. I love it for the fact that while it is just another day, it serves as a reminder to do something extra special with or for your loved ones....more

DIY Housewarming Basket

Do you know someone who is moving into a new house? New apartment? New flat? As I’m sure you can remember, the moving process can get stressful. Worrying about contracts, closing dates and cracks in the foundation can make a person mad. All one wants to do is move into the perfect place where there is nothing to be done....more

Reading Spaces and Places – DIY Reading Nook

A couple of months ago when I finished our craft supplies center in our playroom, I was left with piles and piles of books with no where to put them.  You see, our little reading corner in our playroom had to be sacrificed in order to put in the craft center.  So, I decided I wanted to create reading spaces in various rooms in our house to not only encourage my kids to read, but to also have a place to store our hundreds of books!...more

3 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Lodge

3 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Lodge...more

DIY: Bath Paint