Cool DIY Hat by @themorasmoothie

Shower Tunes – Rock Out During Your Next Shower

 Plenty of people love music when they are in the shower but setting up your smartphone or tablet in the shower with speakers can be a pain.  Especially for the quick shower or when you are on a schedule.  The maker of Shower Tunes decided to simplify this with its new shower curtain!...more

DIY Garden Trellis

While shopping for trellises I noticed even simple ones costed $25 or more, so I decided to make one myself using affordable strapping wood. This project is very easy and affordable, and only takes an hour to make not including the time the glue needs to dry....more
It looks great!more

Diy dress inspired by Armani! By @themorasmoothie

Teacups in the Garden


Pretty In Pink!

    Well, it's been an exciting past few weeks...... NOT!   After my better half got a tooth of his knocked out, which prompted an emergency trip to the dentist for a temporary replacement, apparently my migraine thought it needed a little attention as well and landed me in the ER for one of those shots that leave you singing the Teletubbie's, song while drooling on the table, for the next two days!   ...more

The Conceal Wall Book Shelf, When Looks Matter

Sometimes high-tech looks come in unexpected ways like with the Conceal Wall Book Shelf.  What makes the shelf so much fun is how it actuallyContinue reading →...more

Ikea Hack - Emerald Green Bedside Table Upgrade

If you saw last weeks post on our Full Wall Wainscoting Reveal you may have seen my "please excuse my Malm" photoshoped attempt at promising you that I was not decorating our Master Bedroom with Black Malm dressers...side note: nothing wrong with Malm's they just would NOT fit aesthetically with our bedroom!   ...more
Wonderful job! It looks AMAZING, and when your room is finished it will be just fabulous! Keep ...more

DIY Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Detailed Arms

Update--WHERE I GOT MY SUPPLIES FROM:I keep getting asked, so I'm putting all the links right here. Comment if you have any questions and I'll get back to you ASAP. Good luck! -Lisa- Foam Pad <--so much cheaper than buying custom foam!...more
@herdaily Thanks so much! Yeah, we've been married six years and this is the first headboard ...more