Making Over 2 Thrift Store Lamps

The better title for this post would have been: Making over 2 Thrift Store Lamps, Googling “Why doesn’t my lampshade fit my lamp”, “How do I make my lampshade fit my lamp”, “What the heck is a Slip Uno Adapter” and “How do I know what kind of fitter is on my lampshade”… then finally finding something at Home Depot to MAKE IT WORK Tim Gunn-style.That might have been a teensy bit of overkill though…It all started with these:...more

How to add a "Scroll to Top" Button using Blogger

 One of my favorite things to do is play around and tweak my blog. ...more

Create Your Own Seed Envelopes

School has started. My little guys walk in, holding hands and my heart is still a little jittery. A little project is exactly what I need and so I jumped right in with these tear-away seed envelopes. ...more

Fashion DIY shoes inspired by Pierre Hardy!

Read more about my new #fashion #DIY on my blog ...more

Force The Fall (DIY Burlap Wreath)

So it's official, Labor Day Weekend is upon us! Seems like everyone has plans to savior the last day's of summer. And while we probably should be joining them in their adventures we really are just craving Fall. With the never ending drought over here dust, heat and summer are honestly growing old. So in attempt to force cooler temps we seem to be dedicating our weekend to fall activities (I am sure we will throw in a lazy picnic or two). So in light of cleaning and prepping for Fall I pulled out this bad boy!...more

Turning a Patio Table in to Garden Space

 Repurposed Patio TablePublished 2 days agoAugust 28, 2014 by Linda ...more

Cactus Rock Garden DIY

DIY Dry/ Wet Erase Board

As a student & a teacher, back to school has always been a time of year that I’ve looked forward to & with a little guy at home as eager to learn as I am to teach, I don’t think that’s likely to change anytime soon. The start of a fresh new school year brings with it SUCH an excitement about the possibilities ahead – the learning, the friendships, the discoveries & the memories – there’s nothing more exciting than embarking on a new adventure!...more

Make Your Own Paper Flowers

This is a tutorial on these beautiful paper flower balls that my husband and I made for our wedding. We made 100s. We had all sizes and all shapes (all shapes being two shapes - half sphere and sphere)....more

How I Organized my Life with this DIY Aqua & Gold Chalkboard Calendar

I would absolutely describe myself as a gal that likes to keep organized. I find comfort in knowing what I’m doing tomorrow, next week and even next month! With SO many things on the go, my calendar is my lifeline really … it’s how I keep everything spinning in my head straight. I’ve used a traditional paper calendar for years now and it works, but if I’m being honest, I really don’t like how it turns into such a jumbled mess as plans change....more