Quick DIY Cat Scratching Post

This took me under 10 minutes from start to finish. I didn't use any type of glue this time, so there was no overnight wait. Kai has a large treedo, with plenty of scratching options but this is another option so she doesn't scratch the human furniture. Plus, it was getting extremely frayed and I could see that she was losing interest....more

When two rooms become one

What was up with the Chef back in the day being banned in small quarters behind closed doors? I'm happy that has ended. The modern house with an open floor plan, lends to a much more cohesive family life. When we first saw our home, we knew we had to bust out the wall between the kitchen and the living room. In fact every home I've ever lived in, had a segregated kitchen. I day dream of being able to watch TV while I cook. Hey its the simple things..right? Below is the progression of the two rooms becoming one. It was of course as always, a bit more complicated than anticipated....more

A Fancy Place to Play Dress Up!

Like almost all projects I embark on, this one started the same way. I buy something with no plan in mind...then said item actually is the beginning of a huge domino effect of things needed to complete a whole project that wasn't even planned when I first picked up the item in the store. I swear this is what happens all the time. Like last week...we initially were just looking for a new front door handle to and rekey the other outside doors to match and somehow we ended up coming home with hundreds of dollars worth of door knobs for the whole house! Anyway..enough rambling.....more

DIY Recycled Light Fixture Mirror

It is a dreary day here in Texas, but I won't complain because we desperately need the rain! Along with it comes cooler temps and it actually feels like fall is here! *insert happy-dance-because-I-can't-stand-the-heat-any-longer* That does however put a kink in what I had planned for today, so I've got an impromptu project to share with y'all this morning!...more

Awesome DIY Baby Shower Gift

Gift registries are good, but sometimes I just want to make something personal for my friends.Check out this adorable project I made for a friend's baby shower.Make sure to go see a few more photos!!!...more

DIY bracelet eye of sea!

read more on www.themorasmoothie.com...more

3 hour patchwork quilt

BY Emily of Blue Corduroy...more