I'm A Mechanic Thanks To YouTube

Recently my car’s warranty ran out and within a few month’s time the service light went on. Being a girl of means, I ran to my computer for help. Not to contact my dealership to schedule an online appointment, but to Google the code meaning, where to buy the parts and finally, how to fix the problem myself....more

Black & White... Outfit by @themorasmoothie


To the Manor Retired (Almost!!)

    I may have this picture-embed process figured out finally.   Wanting to consistently show which life segment I am writing about  has been a challenge but this morning, I may have made a breakthrough. This is a picture of the Manor on a cold morning where the sun had almost burned off the cloud that was covering the mountain that day.  I thought it turned out well enough to use fo...more

Nice Diy and Greetings from Russia!


Butterfly Gardens

My new DIY Vintage earrings !


Diy earrings double face!