DIY $10 Blanket Ladder

It's winter in Wisconsin. Translation = it's cold outside! Lately the temperatures have been dipping down pretty low and we've been getting a little bit of snow flurries each day. It's exactly the type of weather where all I want to do to is snuggle up on the couch under a nice soft blanket to stay warm....more

$5 Spring Wreath

Decorating for the holidays or even just seasons can get a little expensive so I like to check out what the dollar store has before I go to craft stores. Today I found a few things that I could make a quick spring wreath out of. I spent $5 for the materials and only 10 minutes making it, that’s what I like to call, a win....more

Shaking off Winter

Pretty decent couple of days. most of my team was out of the office so i had a quiet week. Getting ready for spring and so excited to be frugal and get outside and move more and spend less!Hit up a couple yard sales over the weekend and got really great stuff including a honey gift pack, a little antique half-circle table, a black velvet shawl, coffee notecards, a winerack, a chessboard, a fun stool, all under $5!! Frugal indeed!...more

Cat Bed

 A Cat Bed and my Bestie? ...more

How to Easily Create a DIY Spring Wreath

Hey everyone!! Spring is fast approaching and I'm happy to welcome it!  ...more

Homemade Almond Butter

You will never go back to store bought Almond Butter after making it on your own!Seriously! It tastes SO MUCH better and is SO MUCH cheaper....more

How to Make Horses From Clay Pots

Clay pot horses…Who knew how cute these would be?...more
Do you have to use clay pots? How do you make the reins and haltermore

DIY: Refinishing A Coffee Table

Mark and I have had this coffee table and two matching end tables for about three years, and before that, Mark had them in college in his apartment. They were pretty banged up and scratched after residing in an apartment with boys and they needed a serious face lift....more

Preparing For Our New Life On a Homestead

cristina sudoIt is now time for “the big move” and preparing for our new life on our homestead. Contracts have been signed, signatures added to multiple papers and the yes has been given to us  by the powers that be. We have questioned our sanity and have both agreed this IS insane to live in the mountains on 10 acres over 8,000 feet elevation, but it is what we want and what we have dreamed of for years now and the day is finally here! We now own a homestead on 10 acres! It is all ours to do as we wish!...more

15 Tips for the Perfect Dinner Party

Want to have the girls over for dinner and some wine? Need to gather everyone before a big event? Hosting a great dinner party is key to creating long-lasting memories, and it gives an undeniable feeling of sophistication to any gathering.These 15 tips will help make sure your dinner party is a huge hit with your guests:...more