An Ode To A Dear Friend

Keeping Fed - March '16

DIY Baby Wipes that won't Burn your Baby's Bottom.

Since you enjoyed “The Homemade Lotion that Healed my Daughters Eczema” post, I’ve decided to share with you the recipe that I use to make baby wipes for Zaniel. Before we get started, did you see the video a while back posted on Facebook from a mommy who thought there was glass in her baby’s wipes? ...more

Chalkola Chalk Markers Review

This item was sent to my for review by Chalkola ...more

DIY Heart Trinket Box

March is National Craft Month, which is all the motivation I need to get my DIY on. The last few years I've been eyeing these beautiful Jambalaya Boxes from Aunt Peaches, and when I found an old Valentine's Day candy box tucked away, I knew now was the time to make one. ...more

St. Patrick's Day & Goats

~St. Patrick's Day is coming up on Thursday and I will be painting my nails green. It's once a year. No biggie. I'm sure Irish people probably think us Canadians & Americans ( & others) are weird (maybe/maybe not) with the way we celebrate the day, but hey it gets us through a dark March. By the way, if you're drinking on St. Patrick's Day, please make travel arrangements ahead of time. Do not drink/drug and drive....more

Easy DIY Shiplap Wall

One of my favorite new design shows on TV right now is the HGTV series, Fixer Upper, hosted by the adorable married couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines. They are hilarious to watch, have impeccable taste and are also Christians...bonus! I have loved, loved, loved watching every single episode over the last 2 seasons. The basic concept of the show is that Chip & Joanna help a client looking to buy and fix up a home....more

DIY $10 Blanket Ladder

It's winter in Wisconsin. Translation = it's cold outside! Lately the temperatures have been dipping down pretty low and we've been getting a little bit of snow flurries each day. It's exactly the type of weather where all I want to do to is snuggle up on the couch under a nice soft blanket to stay warm....more

$5 Spring Wreath

Decorating for the holidays or even just seasons can get a little expensive so I like to check out what the dollar store has before I go to craft stores. Today I found a few things that I could make a quick spring wreath out of. I spent $5 for the materials and only 10 minutes making it, that’s what I like to call, a win....more

Shaking off Winter

Pretty decent couple of days. most of my team was out of the office so i had a quiet week. Getting ready for spring and so excited to be frugal and get outside and move more and spend less!Hit up a couple yard sales over the weekend and got really great stuff including a honey gift pack, a little antique half-circle table, a black velvet shawl, coffee notecards, a winerack, a chessboard, a fun stool, all under $5!! Frugal indeed!...more