Pink Painted Pinecones

Happy Fall Y'all!Painting pine cones is the perfect way to bring your favorite summer color into fall!...more

Re-Wire a Lamp

Have you ever found a cute lamp at a thrift store but were scared to buy it because you didn't know if it worked? Me too, but I decided to go for it because I'm doing this thing where I force myself to do and learn new things, and so far its turning out pretty well....more

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

Well, here we go, my first post.  I’m still not sure what I am doing, but have been reading a TON of great articles on Pinterest to help me get started.  So please bear with me, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!! (Also, if you want to know more about who I am, please check out my “About Me” page.)I started making my own homemade cleaners about a year ago, and I absolutely love them!  Why am I doing this?  Well, first of all it saves A TON OF MONEY!!  Second, it’s way better for the environment and my family....more

Preserving Memories: Tickets, Programs & Paper Memorabilia

Do you save tickets, playbills, travel vouchers/boarding passes, etc.? Are you like me - full of great intentions for preserving memories - but just not finding the time or all out commitment to make a scrapbook for all of these memories? Well I have a quick and easy solution for you, and my version took all of 15 minutes. ...more

Easy DIY Hair Accessories Pedestal

This super easy hair accessory pedestal will have your daughter's (or your own) dresser organized in no time. ...more

Kids Art

  Kids and ArtI was talking about decorating with art yesterday and creating art from things you had around the house and it occurred to me that this could be an idea situation for you to have some fun with your kiddos.So gather up your old frames, some paint and blank art canvas’s and lets have fun with those kiddos....more

If you're new to Twitter, allow me help!

This should help in getting 30,000 followers....more

Decorating With Art

 Decorating With Art Decorating your home with artDecorating with art is a budget friendly way to freshen up your home.  Just look around…you can get inspiration from last years calendar for instance. And I bet you can “shop your house” to find everything you need. Talk about upcycling!  Let’s see what you have on hand….here goes!...more