Make a Cheap and Easy Masquerade Mask from Cardboard

Simple, straightforward Halloween costumes can be hard to come by — especially when you start diving into the dark depths of Pinterest. If you're looking to create your own fast and easy costume this holiday, look no further than this awesome DIY masquerade mask.You'll need:...more

DIY Simple Paper Punch Ornament

My ornament is super simple and can be tweaked to fit any Christmas style.  Even your children could get in on the design and process of this craft.Here are the instructions on how to make a layered paper punch ornament....more

Simple DIY Joy Memory Flip Book

SIMPLE DIY JOY FLIP BOOKSupplies needed:...more

Week in Pictures| Halloween 2015

Halloween has come and gone (sadly)  and I'm still hunting down any candy I can get my hands on. Yikes! We went out to Wadsworth were trick or treating was on Friday. Haidyn got to spend an entire weekend with Grandma and Gramps (her favorite place to be).  Haidyn had such a great time checking out everyone and their scary costumes. All while, Waymon and I enjoyed watching her light up with every kid that passed her in costume....more

7 Fabulous Thanksgiving Place Settings + FREE PRINTABLES

PLUS FREE PRINTABLES!Well, Halloween is finally over and Thanksgiving is approaching fast . That means it is time to start planning for family, craziness, and the much anticipated dinner. What better way to prepare than to plan for a beautiful place setting....more

DIY| Play Makeup

Construction: Week 16 – To Be Giving

November is a month where we reflect on what we are thankful for and gather with the people we love, to celebrate the opportunities life has brought to us. It is a time where the seasons change and our small mountain town transitions into a skiing oasis for people across the globe. There is another event that happens every November in Park City, the community comes together for 24 hours of giving called Live PC Give PC. It's one extraordinary day to support the organizations that make Park City special....more

DIY Beauty Series: Natural Coconut Coffee Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub

 Welcome to my new Sunday series!  DIY Beauty ...more

10 Lessons Learned About DIY Home Renovations

This post is about all the lessons learned about DIY since we have started work on our home....more

4 Easy Last Minute Halloween DIYs

Aren't you sad that the Halloween themed posts are almost done?! :( I am! Although Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, I still love to be festive! Today I'm bringing you some quick and easy Halloween DIYs for your party, home, or just for your friends. ...more