10 Lessons Learned About DIY Home Renovations

This post is about all the lessons learned about DIY since we have started work on our home....more

4 Easy Last Minute Halloween DIYs

Aren't you sad that the Halloween themed posts are almost done?! :( I am! Although Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, I still love to be festive! Today I'm bringing you some quick and easy Halloween DIYs for your party, home, or just for your friends. ...more

DIY No-Sew Baby Sushi Costume

I love creating our own Halloween costumes! We started brainstorming on our costume ideas months before Halloween, which helps us get great deals from every store before Halloween. We love it that much! We save a lot of money in creating our costumes every year and we get to be creative as a family. Seriously, can you believe how expensive the costumes are now? ...more

DIY| Glow in the Dark Pumpkin

 We're counting down the days to Halloween and Haidyn refuses to put down her pumpkin from last year....more

Easy Halloween DIY's You Can Do THIS Weekend

So, you're a last minute kinda gal? Me too. I've pulled off a few last minute DIYs that I'm quite proud of. Last year I made four costumes in less than TWO WEEKS!! I only have three children, somebody is fancy and had two costumes for different events. Anyway, I thought I would share a few last minute Halloween DIYs I've pulled off over the years. These are all things you can do this weekend annnnd they are all relatively cheap.Mermaid lover? This one is for you!DIY NO SEW Mermaid...more

DIY| Fall Ribbon Garland

Old new hat DIY

Get a unique sun hat with just a few easy steps! (in Serbian)...more

Construction: Week 13 – Finding Zen

When I was a young girl I remember visiting my Mom at work and on her desk she had a small Zen garden. The square foot pavilion complete with beveled edges, was filled with fine white sand. There were also a couple of stones dispersed in the sand and a small gardening rake no bigger than a chopstick to manipulate and transform the landscape. I would occasionally sit there sharing how my day was, pushing the stones and sand around subconsciously expressing my emotions....more

15 Mason Jar Crafts

15 Mason Jar DIY’s – Halloween, ChristmasThese are amazing Mason Jar DIY’s.Find some for Halloween and Christmas!  ...more

Wedding Planning 101: DIY Wedding Programs

When it came to our wedding programs, I did not want anything fancy. I wanted something super simple....more