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Positively Dog Training, The App to Train Your Dog

Positively Dog Training, The App to Train Your DogA well-behaved dog is one of those things that many of us want but it can be hard to achieve.  After all, it seems like the professional dog trainers must know something we do not.  ...more

8 Reasons Why I Think Dog Parks are Dangerous

Kimberly Gauthier, Keep the Tail Wagging This article was originally published on my blog, Keep the Tail Wagging.   I’ve been going back and forth about dog parks for a while.  Little things have been turning me off – aggressive dog owners,...more

Do You Let The Dog Sleep With You?

We have a puppy and we like her. She's cute. But we do not want her to sleep with us. We don't even want her to consider jumping on the bed, but she does. And that's the problem. How the heck can we get her to STOP DOING THAT? (Particularly when it seems like most of the internet thinks it's cute and that dogs belong on beds! I'm sure she's reading all of the comments on the photos I've posted and they are just encouraging her to try and try again. Gah.)...more
If you can't enforce the command, opt for management.  Our dogs will get off if we tell them, ...more

In The Dog House

(originally posted @ My Day Job) I think we need a dog trainer.  A nice visit from Cesar Millan: aka The Dog Whisperer.  Or that Victoria whatshername from "It's Me or the Dog".  Or maybe just anyone with a basic knowledge of how to make our dog behave and listen!Don't get me wrong.  When he's inside he usually does a nice job of following directions....more
HA!!  That could be an entire post in and of itself!  As a matter of fact, stay tuned.  I think ...more

High Energy Dog Asks for Training Tips to Use at Home

Dear Inquisitive Canine,Hellooo, my name is Hazel and I have a question. I am an 18-month-old crazy retriever mix – a little Chessie, Golden and Lab all rolled into one.  I think I am pretty smart, and I am definitely cute. I have been crate trained, but want to move to a nice comfy bed without borders.  ...more


http://thebaboo.comThis past weekend my mom, sisters, and I took our dogs and Precious to a free group training session with a miracle dog trainer. He’s definitely a tough love, your-dogs-look-mother-f@&$(*$-stupid-in-diapers type of trainer....more
Wow just Wow!!! I am a PROUD owner of a full blooded American Pitbull Terrier and a Pit/Lab mix. ...more

Advice to Help with Puppy Chewing

Young puppies usually are natural chewing machines. Nearly anything within their grasp is fair game: your shoes, couches, kid's games, power cables, sticks, Television controllers; if it is loose and attainable, it can be demolished....more