The Perfect Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate and Champagne Cocktail...more

Chocolate-Maca Tonic

Tomorrow is my birthday so to celebrate I decided to share with you all one of my favorite superfood tonics! This drink was inspired by a drink I had in Maui a few years ago.  After recreating it at home it soon became something that I drank every day. Since moving to the east coast I haven’t been making it as often as I like but with my birthday approaching I decided to get back in the habit of adding this super tonic into my routine. more>>...more

My Juicing Experience

 Today on my blog I'm sharing my experience with my new (super cheap) juicer! I also share my favorite recipe and how to create it.Check it out here!!...more

What’s Going Down: Where to Go After Work Below 19th Street

You just sent your last work email of the day.Per this afternoon’s GMail chain with your friends, you have been tasked with choosing an after-work destination in Manhattan that fits the following criteria:Ugh. I can’t be in Midtown for one minute longer. I had a late lunch. I’m not THAT hungry.Let’s go somewhere fun with a good scene, that’s not difficult to get into. Time to head to one of these bars below 19th Street:...more

Yukka Flux Cocktails

What a weekend! The weather was gorgeous, we have trees in our backyard now, our neighborhood barbecue was a success, and... my computer's fixed!...more

Grapefruit Cranberry Fizz


Lemon Barley Drink To Satiate My Sweet Tooth

 My homesickness went up a notch over the weekend. And it just doesn’t stop there. I think of my family everyday – every single one of them....more

Super-Sour & Nutritious Lemon-Lime Juice

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordLemons and limes are absolute powerhouses of positive, alkalising nutrition, reducing the risk of contracting various long-term health problems and giving a boost to the immune system in general....more

Buddha Hand Sugar Syrup And A Sweet Ever After

The Buddha hand fruit was only available in the supermarkets during the Chinese New Year festive season; two weeks after the festive celebrations, these fruits were all removed from the shelves. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to buy them back home before they were gone in order to find out more about these little (freaky) wonders of nature....more

The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit

It was one memorable experience at the supermarket that we had while shopping for groceries on the weekend before Chinese New Year. We saw something that resembled a freak experiment out of a horror movie.Read more from 'The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit'....more