My Husband Quit Drinking and I Lost 12 Lbs

I kid you not, a quirky phrase I love so much I wish I could say it every day....more

Did you just say Herpes?!

My friends and I went out together all the time. Friends would be more friends, who we'd also go out with. There was an excellent mix to pick from. One in particular, Steve was gorgeous, toned, tattoed, and could make a crack in a wall smile.  ...more

What is a hangover?

Hangovers. Also known as the most annoying, useless, dumbest, stupidest thing in the world conjured up by the devil himself....more

Party Pooper

That’s me…We were invited out for Christmas eve. Jim and I both went. but he brought me home because I am beat.It’s really hard to throw yourself into a party and whoop it up, because of the month I just went through. People were drinking and singing along to You tube, but I was there in body but not in spirit.Jim went back after dropping me at home, and with my blessing, as he truly needs to unwind.Me? I’ll shower and go to be because that’s what works for me.Good night!...more

Things townies hear

It’s been almost two years since I moved back to the county where I grew up. I left the state, but not the region for a few years. I now live in the state capital, not the nearby smaller community where I lived as a child.It’s good to be home. Still, it’s a little strange running into to people from my past all the time. And I do mean ALL THE TIME. They’re everywhere. It’s like they live here or something. They’re a constant reminder of the awkward, shy girl I was in high school and they always make for uncomfortable small talk....more

Celebrating Islamic New Year with Mocktails

The other night, schedules finally meshed, and a friend and I arranged to meet for a drink at a hotel near the soccer field where our kids were having practice together. It's been one of those ridiculous logistics things - the night that I could have a drink, she's busy, and vice versa....more
Thanks for the sneak peek into Abu Dhabi's alcohol policies, very interesting!  I think your ...more

Trying to get a buzz with only 14 bucks...

I'm not aware of too many things...I know what I know if you know what I mean...I probably played this song a thousand times in my radio career (seriously, a thousand times...yuck) and to this day, I still have no idea what she means...but I know one's darn near impossible to get a buzz on 14 bucks......more
Hard when that happens no doubt.  I have a dear friend who was working 3 jobs, literally, when ...more

It's a Matter of When

I am not an alcoholic but I'm pretty sure I could be. In my blood runs the stuff of addiction. Case in point: My way-back-when relative namedSterling rode a horse off a cliff due to alcohol’s deathgrip.~~~...more
Ever feel like your sip, sliding away?

The Ginger Who Got Away: I Will Always Wonder About You

A while back I had a night out in Chicago that was weird enough to write about. It started out as a date night with Capricorn. Now, I just remember it as the night we ran into the Ginger Kid whom I will always wonder about.I hope you stayed in the cab and went home that night....more
 @FatCat  Indeed. I am always going to wonder about that girl, too. Fact is stranger than fiction.more