Laptop use in class – Effects on learning and attention

Laptops are one of the most convenient devices for communication, gathering information and other uses. It is more efficient than a personal computer as it can be moved around easily and used without the help of electricity unless when needed to be charged. Trusted beasts laptops under $300 guide is a showcase for the most reasonable and affordable laptops if one is looking for purchase....more

What to Consider in Choosing a College Major

Have you make up your mind on the college major you will take? The college major that you take is very important in determining your future. It will determine on what kind of job you will able to apply. It will also determine how high the career you can achieve. Therefore, it will affect the fortune you will have in the future. Choosing the wrong college major will be a very bad idea....more

Homeschooling Expectations

How to Maintain a Healthy Life Balance as a Freshman

As a senior in high school, you have probably already chosen the one place where you would like to continue your education. Choosing your place of study, especially if it is away from home, entails much preparation; thinking of your short-term and long-term goals can help the transition. Short-term goals will include getting your finances in order, such as with scholarships and financial aid (if needed) and preparing for your first year away from your family....more

The Mainstay of America’s Education Policies

Education is the basic necessity of a nation building. Therefore, the government always takes proper initiative regarding the education policies and norms and make them in a way that the entire population is covered. The United States, from very initial years, have put stress on education and therefore the government did all the things that could have boosted the education....more

Transform Your Summer Job into Financial Aid for School

 Don’t forget to ask your summer job employer, about possible access to financial aid for school of your choice, or tuition assistance. You should look to retail, or restaurant, jobs, as possible sources of extra cash....more

Technology in Education


Education is one precious possession that we have. However, given the age of progress and global technology, value depreciates slowly. Today, people say that education does not matter, as long as you have the skills, you know how to use it, and you know how to improve. The importance of education is established and ignored. People should think before going with the flow of contaminated modernization before deciding. ...more

SSC (Secondary Education Certificate)

School education is the very beginning stage for a human being. The school is a first institution where children are getting introduce. So, it creates a long run effect on him what he learns from school. SSC exam is the last part of one's student life. By completing SSC exam, a student ends his school life. So the result in the SSC examination is very important. Not only important but also a remarkable result in a student's life. As it is the last exam of a student in his school life, all the student try to get a good result in this examination....more

6 easy exercises to support a dyslexic child.

Do you know what the term "Dyslexia" means?  According to Emily Lapkin from the website, Dyslexia is a common condition that affects the way the brain processes written and spoken language. This condition is primarily associated with trouble reading and many specialists and educators may refer to it as a “reading disorder” or a “reading disability"....more