3 Ways to Lay an Empowering Foundation for Thai Schoolgirls

We hear a lot in the media about providing equal access to education. These stories mostly focus on overcoming a lack of infrastructure and cultivating a skilled labor pool, but it’s not always the physical absence of a school or a dearth of trained teachers standing in the way of academic progress. Each society has its own hurdles to tackle....more

Learning: It’s Like Riding a Bike

This year for my daughter’s birthday, we got her a big girl bike.  Shiny and pink with training wheels.  If you live in our part of the country, you know that we are in the midst of an unending monsoon.  It has rained for days.  My daughter’s bike sits in the garage and she sits watching it eagerly, waiting for the sun to come out.  ...more

Art is the new “black!” What Your Preschooler Can Learn From Studying the Fine Arts

Did you know that art education – even at the preschool level – is just as important to development as reading and math?  In fact, art is a major building block in child development and learning to create and appreciate visual beauty may be even more important to the development of the next generation of children....more

I Want to Study Abroad: Where Should I Go?

As a local coordinator for a high school exchange program, and as someone who blogs on the subject as well, students thinking about studying abroad sometime ask me, “where should I go?” Here are my thoughts.I'm looking to study abroad next Fall and I'm deciding between the United States, England, and Germany. Where is the best place to study? ...more

End of the Year Awards....

Standardized tests are not Satan

No one really enjoys standardized tests, but what do we know about them? Parents worry over the stress it induces in children. Teachers have had enough of overanxious administrators. Administrators complain the scores don’t accurately reflect learning. Kids loathe tests in general.However, can anyone recall the real reasons standardized tests were introduced in the first place?First of all, they aren’t all bad....more

Why People Should Stop Saying a Degree Doesn't Matter!

If I had a dollar for every time someone said having a degree didn't matter, I'd be rolling in the money! Probably enough to pay back my undergrad debt and then some! But seriously, how on Earth could something that you spent years working towards, countless sleepless nights studying for and thousands of dollars paying for be regarded with such little respect?...more

To the Teacher Who Changed My Life

I’ve been pen pals with my second grade teacher for more than 20 years. As my favorite teacher in elementary school, she inspired both my love of horses, and more importantly, my love of writing. She has always been an inspiring source in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her caring influence. She’s an example of the lifelong dedication great teachers have to inspire their students even after they have moved out of the classroom. ...more
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