Should Kids be Taught to Read?

For years now, the debate has raged: How should children be taught to read? Some people are saying that the real question is whether children be taught to read.What do we actually know about learning to read? How do children learn to read? The answer is a bit fuzzy at this point. Phonics, whole language, and natural reading all have their proponents....more

He Named Me Malala. Why every mother needs to take her daughter to see this movie.

I was fortunate to see a preview of the new film "He Named Me Malala" about Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, and her fight to bring education to girls worldwide. Every mother needs to take her daughters to see this film. ...more

A Mother Daughter Perspective on the EdTech Revolution

On the afternoon of September 30th, I picked up my 7th grader and drove her into the heart of Silicon Valley....more

When woman are denied education, change must be made

There are 62 Million girls around the world who are not in school.  Think of that for a moment. In this country we take education as a right, something a lot of us take for granted. We believe that all should have access to preschool through high school.  There are many of us who believe college should be included in that matrix.  Yet world-wide there are 62 million girls who have no access to education. They are illiterate, uneducated and financially dependent on others. Education is a known factor in advancement yet is denied to young woman around the world....more

The Education Argument

When any system grows too big, it begins to break down. This is evidenced all around us. The education system, various systems of religion, the healthcare system, the justice system, the banking system, the insurance system – all are too big to operate efficiently or effectively. Entropy and inertia win.Let's take the education system, because it's the one I know best. I have taught at the college level, worked on magazines for teachers at all levels, and written and edited scripts for training videos intended to help school staff members from grades K through college....more

My (Black) Son Is Not a Pre-Criminal

“You took my son away from me! Do you know how hard it was for me to get him to stay in school and graduate? Do you know how many black men graduate?” I silently choked on the words of Mike Brown’s mother. Leslie McSpadden’s evaluation of the black male experience seemed painfully relevant....more
Thank you for understanding, organizing and articulating my thoughts as a mother of two brown ...more

Letter to God

Twenty-two years ago when inclusion of children with special needs was new and controversial, third-graders Libby and Noelle had become fast friends.  My daughter Noelle was the first and only child with intellectual disabilities in her elementary school of more than 800 students when Libby wrote this Letter to God (imperfect spelling included):...more

Help Boys Speak Out Increase High School Graduation Rates & Prepare Youth for Collegiate Success

Philanthropy and community service take many forms. At Boys Speak Out, the mission is to give youth the proper tools to confront important issues faced in adolescence....more

Coding Apps and Sites for Your Youngsters

 Coding? What's that and why do I need to get my kids apps for coding? Good question! Remember secret code fun when you were a kid? Remember making up codes with your BFF and using it to write encrypted messages back and forth? Messages no one else could read? A=1, B=2, C=3. I think that's where we all started. Old school coding....more

I Envy You, Traditional Schoolers (but only a little)

I see you out there, all over the internet, sending your kids off to their first days of the school year.  Your perfectly dressed children, holding cute little signs.I see their perfect little bento lunch boxes and their adorable first days' "getting to know you" projects....more