What do you know about Learning Styles?

We all know that each person has different abilities, skills and of course, learning ways; also related to "multiple intelligences".  ...more

5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Study Space

With back to school season in full swing, our thoughts shift from summer fun to the study grind. Make the transition a little more palatable by creating a sunny, engaging space in your home dedicated to learning. Make It Inviting and Comfortable...more

8 reasons why everyone should take a Gap Year

A gap year or a bridge year, not only represents freedom to explore a wide world of possibilities (as well as uncertainty) but also the unique opportunity to take some precious time off after a major milestone or life event, such as graduation or the end of a contract or working position. It helps to truly focus on something that fuels our passions, prepares us for the life ahead or simply gain some invaluable (and much-needed) experience. In return, it teaches many skills in a completely different environment (which will be very useful later on)....more

3 Ways to Lay an Empowering Foundation for Thai Schoolgirls

We hear a lot in the media about providing equal access to education. These stories mostly focus on overcoming a lack of infrastructure and cultivating a skilled labor pool, but it’s not always the physical absence of a school or a dearth of trained teachers standing in the way of academic progress. Each society has its own hurdles to tackle....more

Learning: It’s Like Riding a Bike

This year for my daughter’s birthday, we got her a big girl bike.  Shiny and pink with training wheels.  If you live in our part of the country, you know that we are in the midst of an unending monsoon.  It has rained for days.  My daughter’s bike sits in the garage and she sits watching it eagerly, waiting for the sun to come out.  ...more

Art is the new “black!” What Your Preschooler Can Learn From Studying the Fine Arts

Did you know that art education – even at the preschool level – is just as important to development as reading and math?  In fact, art is a major building block in child development and learning to create and appreciate visual beauty may be even more important to the development of the next generation of children....more