I Want to Study Abroad: Where Should I Go?

As a local coordinator for a high school exchange program, and as someone who blogs on the subject as well, students thinking about studying abroad sometime ask me, “where should I go?” Here are my thoughts.I'm looking to study abroad next Fall and I'm deciding between the United States, England, and Germany. Where is the best place to study? ...more

Standardized tests are not Satan

No one really enjoys standardized tests, but what do we know about them? Parents worry over the stress it induces in children. Teachers have had enough of overanxious administrators. Administrators complain the scores don’t accurately reflect learning. Kids loathe tests in general.However, can anyone recall the real reasons standardized tests were introduced in the first place?First of all, they aren’t all bad....more

Why People Should Stop Saying a Degree Doesn't Matter!

If I had a dollar for every time someone said having a degree didn't matter, I'd be rolling in the money! Probably enough to pay back my undergrad debt and then some! But seriously, how on Earth could something that you spent years working towards, countless sleepless nights studying for and thousands of dollars paying for be regarded with such little respect?...more

To the Teacher Who Changed My Life

I’ve been pen pals with my second grade teacher for more than 20 years. As my favorite teacher in elementary school, she inspired both my love of horses, and more importantly, my love of writing. She has always been an inspiring source in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her caring influence. She’s an example of the lifelong dedication great teachers have to inspire their students even after they have moved out of the classroom. ...more
Loved this!more

Why Didn't They Teach THIS Stuff in School?

I remember being back in school and taking some oddly specific class/course and thinking to myself:“I am NEVER going to use this.”Of course if this ever came up in front of your teacher, they’d try to explain how, say, calculus could end up being used at some point in our adult lives.  Bless their heart....more

Crayola Learning Resources

The Crayola website has a wide array of free activity, coloring and educator resources. Most of the coloring pages have the option to print and color or color online. Some of the categories include: science, social studies, Disney, holidays, seasons, sports and words and letters. My kids really like the online coloring option and I have found some helpful resources to supplement their lessons.http://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/...more

8 Things I Wish My Kid's School Understood About Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month, but in my house we are always aware of autism. My 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with autism a few years ago, and autism has become just another part of our lives. ...more
Very well written Jody. I wish you and your lovely daughter good luck.more

Why Homeschooling Works for Us!

It's been a little over three years since I wrote the Why Homeschooling Works For Us!...more

Homeschool: Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand?

I'm a homeschooling mom, and I have questions for the presidential candidates....more
Laura@HouseOfJoyfulNoise You are so welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.   Thank you for telling me ...more