Never Stop Teaching

An article from WBEZ today states that teachers are feeling 'beat down' as the school year starts....more

Going to A BlogHer Conference is About the Stories: Meeting Jane Goodwin In Real Life

If you have never been to a BlogHer conference  you have missed something important to you as a blogger and a woman.I go for a number of reasons, but mostly to hear the stories -- why you blog, what you blog about....more
Meeting Liz was definitely a highlight of the conference. I've admired and loved her for so ...more

Right Book. Right Time.

I consume books like some people consume energy drinks. I've been reading since the second grade, and the only trouble I got into in elementary and middle school was for hiding "outside reading" behind my textbooks. Yes, that makes me a goody-goody, but only until high school. I assure you I got into my fair share of trouble then. Just ask my parents....more
@Lisse For those who don't know Mary Catherine Bateson is the daughter of Margaret Mead and ...more

Dyslexia tied to problems processing native language voices/words

So I was reading this news story – which is basically all over the Web in different publications written by different journalists – and found part of it to be incorrect, while another part was quite interesting.

Defending Teachers

Today, as I checked my Facebook wall, I came across not one, but two articles vilifying teachers. One was an article on how Tim Pawlenty claimed that schools indoctrinate our children. The second was a video of a teacher emphatically telling people what his job is, which was posted by a homeschooler friend of mine, and her comments were decidely negative towards this man's opinions. And it stuck in my craw. Because my husband is a teacher. A damn good teacher. A patient teacher. A supply buying, breakfast supplying teacher....more

''Educate Yourself: Watch Documentaries!!!''

Yesterday, whilst working on new jewellery pieces, I sat on my sofa watching two documentaries (I don't think I really need to point out that I wasn't watching them simultaniously, I am good at multi-tasking but that would be a stretch even for me!)....more

But Girls Can't Be President!

My husband, Tim, and I spent some time at his grandfather’s birthday party this weekend. It was really fun to see all of his extended family, especially his 8-year-old cousin, Katie. She is awesome, and if I ever have a daughter, I want her to be just like Katie. Totally strong-willed, outgoing, independent, hilarious, and can definitely hold her own. She has two older brothers, so she had to learn all this pretty quick but, from what I hear, she was pretty much just born this way....more

What do you know about bone marrow donation? Educate yourself, win eco-prizes, save a little girl's life!

I was sent a story about a little girl. A little 10 month old baby girl that was given a devastating blow. A devastating diagnosis that would require a bone marrow transplant from a stranger in order to survive.Kate Boggan...more

When public schools don't teach our kids the whole truth it hurts their success rate.

As we move through another campaign year for the U.S. presidency, there’s bound to be a lot of talk about our ailing public education system. The question “should we set aside more money for education or defund it?” will certainly bubble up. While I know it’s important that our education lobbyists’ struggle for a larger piece of the general budget, money is not the only thing we should be discussing.  ...more

Girls Rule in Soccer, Science Fairs + C-Suite. Or, Girls Kick Balls to the Glass Ceiling!

 Who runs the world? Girls. Look around and American girls are reaching big goals everywhere. From the FIFA World’s Cup finals to the Google Science Fair, women are making major news these days.American Girls Kick Balls into the Glass Ceiling While American soccer may not have as many fans as football, that could change when the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team goes up against Japan in the FIFA World Cup finals on Sunday. Science Isn’t For Sissies, Or Is It?...more