OMG! I Can Spell! RU Sure?

I believe teaching is a natural parental (and grand-parental) instinct;  I can’t imagine ceding any part of that instinct to a machine.  And neither can I imagine our school system ceding its human face to a screen and keyboard. That said…...more

Business and Your Education


Are You Really Willing To Die For A Color?

A class alum stopped by to see me today. I told her that when I see articles about students from the class, I do not want to see it under the crimes section.  She claims blue and is apparently considered the shot caller for the young women on our campus who claim the same color.  Did I mention that I had no clue about this during the entire time she was in the class? ...more

... of people who don't understand gangs. I get that the color is a symbol of belonging. I ...more


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The State of Education: The Children We Leave Behind

In a system that rewards high test results with extra money and takes away funding from low-performing schools, what can you expect? We ought to be able to expect academic integrity, sure, but I’m not shocked that desperate teachers, pressured by desperate administrators, pressured by high-stakes testing help desperate students in a pinch. If your choice was to nudge a kid’s pencil slightly to the left or lose your job, what would you do? ...more

I am a public school teacher and I am scared of what will be coming next. I teach in a urban ...more

The War on Young, Black Males

There’s been a lot of internet...more

Ralph Nader Wants To Put An End To Athletic Scholarships

Ralph Nader wants to put an end to those pesky college athletic scholarships. Why? Nader says he wants to "de-professionalize" college athletics. *sigh* ...more
Agreed, Athletic Scholarships are a way out for many kids who are at a disadvantage. The bigger ...more

The Rub

Something occurred to me as Charlie and I were reviewing his alphabet foam letters. Aside from realizing that I should remove them from his mouth, I was thinking about how easy it is to teach when your class size is one!  Unfortunately, this led to depressing thoughts about the state of our educational system and what my two grandsons will find there once they start school.  Coincidentally, my daughter emailed a relevant article from the NY Times....more