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Florida State Rep. Stargel's Bill Requires Parents to Make the Grade

“Accountability” has been a hot buzz word in education policy for years now. In several states across the country, teachers have had to contend with legislation that ties their salaries and advancement to student performance. And administrators too have had to answer for student test scores and graduation rates.  Now, in Florida at least, parents may have to face the a-word, too! ...more
I feel that lack of parental involvement constitutes negligence and parents should be jailed. My ...more

Getting to College 101 - Finding the Parental Role

There is no doubt that the transition from high school to college is a journey for both you and your teen. The magnitude of the move from 24/7 parent to empty-nester is not to be taken lightly, but your focus must be on helping your child in their journey. For many parents this requires a step back to allow your teen to explore their own needs and desires and take ownership of the process. But being involved without controlling the process can be a challenge....more

Barbie is Wrong; Math is Cool!

I'm not supposed to like math right? I'm a girl and according to Barbie math class is tough. Do you remember when you learned that two plus two equals four? I do. I also remember the moment I learned to count by twos and fives and tens. I remember learning how to multiply and divide. You know why I remembered doing it? ...more
The importance of Math cannot be over stressed. Its useful in very different ways home or officemore

Mother Convicted of Felony for Sending Kids to a Better School

Ms. Williams-Bolar made the kind of decision many of us might when faced with how to educate her children: she used her father’s address to get them into the good school district. But the district hired a private investigator to follow her home and find evidence of what she was doing. After two years in the Copley schools, her daughters were ousted and Williams-Bolar was arrested. Last week, she and her father were both convicted of felonies. ...more
I've taught at underperforming schools, and frankly, I'd beg, borrow and steal so that my child ...more


We just passed a milestone. Three years have passed. We had our triennial IEP (individualized education plan) meeting for my twice exceptional boy. Who knew three years ago we would even need an IEP? Back then it terrified me!...more

Move Forward Because the World Has Changed: Obama's State of the Union

It's time for Americans and our politicians to seek unity for the sake of the nation, and "instead of re-fighting the battles of the last two years, let's fix what needs fixing and move forward." That was the theme of President Barack Obama's second State of the Union address that he delivered to the nation tonight. More than once he used the phrase "move forward," appealing to Democratic and Republican Party legislators to work together, and finally, invoking the American Dream, he relayed a stream of images designed to inspire striving for our ideals. ...more

Nordette, Thanks for this thoughtful post.

I thought the President did a great job last ...more

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (Education Children Deserve)

Good morning everyone, Today's blog talks about the highs and lows of neighborhood schools.  I think it is content rich but doesn't have the same entertainment value of some of my recent blogs.  I doubt if many of you will be surprised with my solutions.  Enjoy the piece!!! Clayton Thomas

How long should the school year be?

Arizona lawmakers are proposing a plan that would allow public districts and charter schools to shorten their school year. As I understand it, it would require them to increase the daily minutes of school to make up for the lost days. The idea was proposed to be a cost-saving mechanism because classrooms could be heated and cooled less and buses could have 10 fewer days on the road....more

Do We Still Need PBS?

In fact, New Hampshire and Virginia and other states are in the process of dismantling their public television systems. Idaho is in the discussion process with the governor actively wanting to shut it down. On the federal level are two proposed bills to eliminate funding for National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It comes down to money, politics and resources. ...more
I love PBS.  In an era where corporate interests too much dictate the information we see, PBS ...more