21 Days of Compliments – Day 11

            Today is Day 11 of the 21 Days of Compliments challenge. I was actually drying my hair this morning when my blog idea came to me. You know the saying, “just go to the bathroom and all sorts of ideas come to mind.” By the way, just what does that statement mean? Does the bathroom somehow act as a flushing mechanism for the brain?...more

Divorce and the Death of a Family

            I am not sure how it began exactly, my interest in death. My daughters tell me (in their snarky teenage way) that I am obsessed with death. I disagree. I don’t consider my interest in death to be an obsession, merely a fascinating hobby, intensely diverting, and borne from a deep sense of personal loss. It is an interest I would describe as more compelling than obsessive. Death is present for me now in a way it has never been before; and I cannot look away, nor ignore its lingering stench....more

Learn Through Play

 "I'm a frog, mama, I'm a frog...riddit, riddit...I need flies!"Cue two babies hopping around on all fours. Soon one of the frogs finds a toy dog on the floor."Uh oh!" she says. "Bad dog, bad dog, bite frog!""Oh no!" her sister yells. "No dog, no! Go away dog! No biting!"In an instant, one has gone from a frog to a dog and wreaks havoc upon her slimy friend."Mama, help me! Save me, save me!"The frog clambers up onto my lap, no longer a frog, but a simple victim of a dog attack."We're safe now," I say....more

Getting to College 101 - Teenagers and Time Well Spent

By Kristin Thomas, College Consultant & Guest Contributor...more

In Defense of Gifted Children

Before you get all huffy, hear me out:I don't believe that my children are "gifted" (or "advanced" or "exceptional"). I don't believe that anyone's children should be labeled "gifted", because that label defaults other children to be "non-gifted" or "delayed" or "un-exceptional". How is that fair? Don't all of our children have gifts? Isn't that the miracle of children - that they arrive with this passion to DO, to GO, to LEARN - despite our best efforts to make them stop, slow down, and be quiet?...more

Meeting the Puberty Challenge With Info, Support and Free Products

I am having an Oprah favorite things moment this morning.   Love the Tampax and Always Uniquely Girl interactive puberty education program – truly!  The program, developed by medical experts, school nurses, health educators, parents and teens is free, easy to use and has sections specific for educators, parents, and teens.   ...more

G. stands for GIRL

Toxic Shock can be caused by: a white paper phosphate toxin. ...more

Supporting Our Teachers

Looking for  Soldiers by Eileen Eady Recently I got my current issue of "Education Matters" a monthly publication from the Association of American Educators.  I was disappointed to find such a negative publication toward teachers. This is my letter to the managing editor. Teachers all over the country are under attack. We are barraged with parent complaints, threats of test scores being used to determine employment, and pressure to bring students up to grade level who come to us behind....more

Sandbox Book Club Recommendation #1

Follow my blog and this weekly book talk at "Rub Some Dirt On It" http://vermontwhitneys.blogspot.com Sandbox Book Club Recommendation #1 Bear in Underwear...more

BlogHer Went to the White House

When BlogHer asked if I could attend the Women’s Online Summit at the White House, the answer was hells yeah. So last Monday, I went to the White House with representatives from 25 other online sites to be briefed on a wide-range of issues as well as learn about the informational resources the White house is making available to news services and the American public in general. ...more

This sounds like an amazing experience. President Obama seems to sincerely have an ...more

Women in Control Over Finances and Education

Who says this is a man's world? Women are making strides in key arenas.. academic achievement and their financial future. A quick overview of recently published materials from various sources shows research proving female dominance in these fields. ...more