Education = Career?

Recently, I read a tweet from a friend quoting from somebody (I can't remember), saying: "Without education, you get a job; with education, you get a career."That kind of gnawed in my mind for a long time. What is a career, really? What can you get from it other than a lot of money? Do I really need a lot of money? Do I really need the need to make money by forsaking myself? My health? My being? What's so different between a job and a career - in both whereof you spend more than 200 hrs of a week outside the house, in a workplace, doing a task that will earn you money? ...more

Preterm birth raises ADHD risk

A new study out of Sweden found a link between how early babies are born and their risk of ADHD (or more specifically, being prescribed medications for it later in life).The researchers studied the data of more than 1 million kids between 6 and 19 and found that 7,506 of them had been prescribed an RX for ADHD....more

Getting Schooled   by Lianne Castelino,   The whole topic of education fascinates me.  Or perhaps I've become mesmerized by it by default - because of all the research I've done over the years. When I was young, you generally went to the school around the corner from you.  Most people walked to school, it seemed.  That's a far cry from what's going on out there these days. ...more

A Teacher’s Philosophy


I am a retired educator that just can't stop reading about what I love to do. I have always ...more

OMG! I Can Spell! RU Sure?

I believe teaching is a natural parental (and grand-parental) instinct;  I can’t imagine ceding any part of that instinct to a machine.  And neither can I imagine our school system ceding its human face to a screen and keyboard. That said…...more

Business and Your Education


Are You Really Willing To Die For A Color?

A class alum stopped by to see me today. I told her that when I see articles about students from the class, I do not want to see it under the crimes section.  She claims blue and is apparently considered the shot caller for the young women on our campus who claim the same color.  Did I mention that I had no clue about this during the entire time she was in the class? ...more

... of people who don't understand gangs. I get that the color is a symbol of belonging. I ...more


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