Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Use Comic Sans

Do not adjust your dial. The foreign-looking font that you see in this post is intentional. Please bear with me! Yes, I am using Comic Sans MS -- the font that is so ugly that it has inspired a fierce and mighty "Ban Comic Sans" movement -- because I care about your brain development and I want you to learn. I am using Comic Sans MS because I love you....more

My teenage daughter loves Comic Sans. She must be a genius by now!

This is a cute post! ...more

It's MLK Day and I'm Angry

Yesterday I sat in a youth meeting with a group of adolescents whose lives are privileged because of the struggles that Martin Luther King and so many unknown heroes and sheroes fought to overcome.  They can attend any school they want.  Eat at any restaurant.  Live in any neighborhood.  Play on any sports team.  BE anything they want to be as long as they are willing to work hard and not give up.  The problem?  They don’t want to work period.  Forget about working hard!...more

Educated (or Not) in America

Before my daughter was born, I taught four semesters of composition at Kansas City Kansas Community College, and I thought about teaching high school. I took exactly one semester of classes toward an undergraduate teaching certificate. It only took one semester to completely break my spirit and enrage me with the environment of despair among teachers in the wake of No Child Left Behind. The classes were filled with discussions of curriculum lockdown, teaching to the test and not having time to even explain anything before having to move on. ...more

I, personally, don't think the State has any "right" to educate. I think that they work for ...more

A Research Parable: One researcher explains the "elaborate fraud" behind the vaccination debate

One of the many gifts I have been given as an educator and edu-carer for other peoples children is the gift of perspective. There is very little about child development and the educational process which I believe is set in stone. Furthermore, when you toss family dynamics and cultural, religious or moral values into the mix - Well. You have a billion right ways to raise a child....more

Training and Development Benefits and Techniques

Training and developing human assets are among the most important responsibilities of any HR department. After all, it is essential for an organization to adapt itself to the ever-changing business scenario if it wants to grow and expand in the long run.Apart from this obvious benefit, there are several other goals that good training and development practices can help an organization achieve. The following are a few of the benefits....more

What We Must See: After War in Sri Lanka

They got married in 1990 and were leading a normal life. Both husband and wife used to make sweet called “Muscat” and sell it for survival. But after they got injured, they have become immobile. Jeyarubi Jeyalingam crawls on the ground and grass to move around. Her husband, Selvaratnam Jeyalingam, has a wooden clutch to support. ...more

My thoughts are strongly with this family. I ended up at a train station in Agra, India. The ...more

2011 Ex-plore How You Can Help Eliminate Poverty

  In 2011 Ex-plore how you can help eliminate poverty. “Anyone can make a difference....more

Oral Lee Brown Promises the World to Third Graders in Oakland

I admit it: The cynic in me absolutely cringed when I read a description of Oral Lee Brown's promise to fund an entire classroom's college education. She's just one woman, after all -- and we aren't talking about Bill and Melinda Gates here. She told ABC News that she made the promise impulsively: "I don't know where it came from," she said. ...more

There have been so many inspiring stories of generosity this Christmas season. I love it when ...more

This Teacher Loves "Glee," And Here's Why:

But the main reason I love Glee is this, and I dare say it’s politically incorrect to the max. Might I add that being politically correct has never been important to me? I love Glee because it’s so refreshingly wonderfully awesome to see classes taught in school by instructors who know how to do what they’re teaching and do it well. ...more