Planning to have an autumn baby

My son was born in the Spring. Like so many other mothers, I was thrilled when I found out that I was pregnant, and looked forward to his due date. At no time during my pregnancy did I wonder if the time of year that he was born would affect how he would perform at school....more

"First" Post

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The Very Basic School Supplies are Needed!


Gifted children need a place where they can belong

A recent article about education highlighted the difference between creating an environment where students belong rather than just fit in. The author, Kimberlee Kiehl, noted problems in a system where "most teacher education programs, not to mention the entire education culture in this country, push us toward making children fit in."...more

#NaBloPoMo Day 27: New to Unschooling?

First, I want to preface this post with the disclaimer that while we are radical/whole life unschoolers, we have been unschoolers since the birth of our son. We have not had to really do the same kind of deschooling that many families coming to unschooling must do when they decide to take their child(ren) out of school in order to embark on their journey of unschooling. With that said, I do know a lot of families who have come to unschooling from very different beginnings and from different institutional/home education paths. And I want to share some of their wisdom with you....more
You are most welcome! I hope you did well on your test. Congratulations on your first day of ...more

Study names the 3 key literacy skills most needed for elementary school

Researchers studied 394 young children and found that the three most important factors to reading comprehension were decoding, oral comprehension and vocabulary.Decoding was measured by the speed and precision that the child could recognize written words - familiar or made up since it's about sounds. It accounted for 34% of the reading comprehension.Oral comprehension accounted for 8.9% and vocabulary accounted for 4.5%. The other factors include things like attention span, memory capacity, spoken language characteristics, etc....more

Where The Oregon Trail has lead us: Educational video games

I played The Oregon Trail in school. That doesn't make me feel old, because that game is still going - see here. I learned lots of stuff from playing the game, like family members could die from measles. Or typhoid. Or dysentery. Or drown while wading across a three-foot deep river. Or that I would never be strong enough to carry all that buffalo meat back to my starving family....more

Arne Duncan on those Pesky White Suburban Moms

"UPDATE":  There are a growing number of brown-skinned mothers and fathers speaking out about Arne Duncan's extrememly divisive comments.  Here you'll find the latest one from a different perspective that points out his slyly hidden racist remarks toward brown-skinned families, as well.  After all, it's not only "white" mothers who live in the suburbs, although Arne may have missed that memo.  ...more
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Let's learn something: How to ground ourselves

My Dearest Son,...more

10 Things We Should Be Teaching College Students