April 16, 2011: A Day of Inspiration for Students with Learning & Attentional Difficulties & Their Parents and Educators

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People in Glass Houses and Other Lessons From My Students

In light of everything that is going on in the world, my students' efforts to get Ellen DeGeneres to speak to them might seem irrelevant and unimportant. In fact, it might even support the notion that kids are too caught up in pop culture to recognize what is going on around them.  While that might be true in part, there is always another side to any story. And in this instance, there are multiple sides to this story. So before anyone rushes to judgment, I would hope they considered the following:...more

Reality of Life

Once again, I am reminded that we are raising a generation of whiners.  On the news today, they are talking about the complaints coming from recent SAT-takers that a question was not appropriate or fair or something like that.  Apparently, there was a question on the SAT asking respondents to write about whether or not reality television is "harmful".  The examinees' beef is that they could not eloquently respond to this question because they are too busy studying for their exams, the highly motivated scholars that they are, to have time for watching reality TV....more

Education Reform Moves Ahead in Tennessee

While Wisconsin remains the face of the war over teacher's unions, a number of other states are moving to reign in out-of-control unions or reform education policies. Tennessee is among them. Not only is collective bargaining in question, but Governor Bill Haslam has a proposal to make it tougher for teacher's to get tenure....more

Blank Pages

Wisdom from a 6 year old:"Mom, do you know which page in this book is my favourite?  The blank one, cause I can imagine anything I want to." Dallas...more

The Dyslexic Frustration Game

As parents we’re pretty vigilant that our kids do their homework, give more than their best to their school work, keep their grades up and reach for more than just getting by. We’re probably more attentive to our son’s educational career than our daughters right now for many reasons, all of which are wrapped up tight with the Dyslexia bow tie....more

Just today I attended yet another meeting at my son's school to discuss issues related to his ...more

Make the Break!

My students have been working hard to have their voices heard. Having met with Maria Shriver, via live video conference and having scheduled meetings with former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and the first female high school football coach in the nation, Natalie Randolph, they thought they would take a different approach to gain the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.  One student wrote an incredible song, a phenomenal drama teacher put the students' ideas into a video and one very accommodating principal worked with the students to make this a reality....more

We are in need of more hits. Any assistance that could be provided would thrill the students. If ...more

What to look for in a Preschool and Kindergarten Program: A Professional Viewpoint

This week, two different people asked Me for opinions about Kindergarten. And by Me, I mean Actual Living Me, the person they know in real life. Because Real Life Me is occasionally distracted or at a loss for words, I sometimes don't answer a question as fully as I would like. Given a few hours, my brain starts to overheat and think of all the things I wanted to Say, but forgot, or got sidetracked or overheated in my opinions about something else....more

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Get your green on!  St. Patrick's day is coming up...are you ready?  I just created some St. Patrick's Day printables for kids.  I'm thinkin' these will be great for the kids' class parties coming up.  Hope you enjoy!...more

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But, if you want to play ...more