Grad School Personal Statement

I struggled with writing this. I have never been verbose in my writing – totally weird right? I am much more of a verbal storyteller or oral historian....more


 *Publicolor students helping tranform an educational space) ...more

No Summer Slide Here - 5 Tips For a "Smart" School Break

As the school year winds down, most kids (and parents) want nothing more than the freedom to dump their battered book bags in the closet and not think about school or teachers or tests for the next 75 beautiful summer days. In many ways, I am definitely that parent, cheering just as loudly as my kids when they come running off the bus for the very last time. But, in other ways, I see summer as my opportunity to expose my children to what I really believe learning is all about – self-directed exploration, quiet time to read a variety of books, and lots of hands-on adventures....more

We are so proud: He graduated at the bottom of the class.

My cousin will graduate from the nursing program at Ball State University today. Last night I went to the pinning ceremony and was the first to stand in ovation when the audience was invited to acknowledge the accomplishments of the 2008 baccalaureates. I stood because she is one of the dearest people in my life. I stood because she has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and despite all, she has achieved her dream. I stood because she is graduating with honors at the top of her class....more

3 Women of Color to Lead the NEA, the Largest U.S. Labor Organization

On July 4th of this year, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest U.S. labor organization, made history: its membership elected three women of color as its leaders, and its first female head in 25 years....more
They've got my attention! As I was researching the article, I realized that I've known of Al ...more

A Hybrid College Education for the Adult Learner...too bad it doesn't save energy

I need to get my bachelor's degree in order to get ahead in my job, but I didn't have time to go to a traditional college because I have two kids. (Man, I should like one of those commercials).  So, I started what is called a hybrid program which is a blend of on campus classroom meetings with a strong online component as well.  I take one class per semester, do a whole bunch of online assignments and drive 60 miles to campus 3 times a semester.  On paper it doesn't sound too bad.  In real life it is a different story. ...more

What Does The Death Of Cursive Mean?

As someone who dreaded Penmanship class, and who always–and I mean always–got poor grades in it, let me just say if writing in cursive  goes away I’ll be right up there in front mourning the loss.  (Cursive: flowing letters all connected to make one word. What we used to call “handwriting”.)We learned the Palmer Method in grade school, where every letter had to follow a pattern and fit between the lines, and where loops and curlicues had to loop and curl, but not too little or too much. Just right. ...more
According to the article, there are 41 states that don't require it.  My grandkids aren't ...more

Will Cursive Handwriting Become Extinct?

Can you write in cursive? More importantly, can you read it?I spent my afternoon writing to my pen pals. I loved writing my pen pals just as much as reading their letters. I wrote in regular font due to laziness, but I noticed one of my pen pals had written me in cursive handwriting. First of all, her penmanship is perfect! She could have a business of writing out people’s special events invitations for a side job....more

Powdered Alcohol

When I was in college I smuggled a fifth of Jack into a Van Halen concert in my underwear. As I approached the security checkpoint I could feel it slipping. All attempts to discretely adjust my cargo were futile. By the time that I reached the front of the line, I was desperately clenching the bottle between my thighs and my flirtatious hip swaying walk had turned into a very slow shuffle....more

School's Out for the Summer!

Jerger Elementary School... You've been so good to me :)As a first year teacher there were about 1,000,000 lessons to learn. I don't know that I learned them all (definitely not) but here are my reflections from Year 1:...more