Help Boys Speak Out Increase High School Graduation Rates & Prepare Youth for Collegiate Success

Philanthropy and community service take many forms. At Boys Speak Out, the mission is to give youth the proper tools to confront important issues faced in adolescence....more

Coding Apps and Sites for Your Youngsters

 Coding? What's that and why do I need to get my kids apps for coding? Good question! Remember secret code fun when you were a kid? Remember making up codes with your BFF and using it to write encrypted messages back and forth? Messages no one else could read? A=1, B=2, C=3. I think that's where we all started. Old school coding.It's Simple...more

I Envy You, Traditional Schoolers (but only a little)

I see you out there, all over the internet, sending your kids off to their first days of the school year.  Your perfectly dressed children, holding cute little signs.I see their perfect little bento lunch boxes and their adorable first days' "getting to know you" projects....more

What's better: The ACT or SAT?

Think back to a memorable Saturday morning: You wake up early, somewhat refreshed from a dodgy night's sleep. You eat a decent breakfast, despite the fact that your stomach is roiling, and then you head off to school to take your SATs. Because there is nothing better than to spend four hours of your Saturday taking a test that you believe will decide your entire future. ...more

The Impossible Dream – a Debt-Free Degree

As the current high school senior class prepares for college next year, they and their parents may be wishing they were citizens of another country – one in which college educations are free to any qualified student. The American university system, however, maintains its “pay-as-you-go” structure, and families everywhere are scrambling to come up with the money – mortgaging their homes, using credit cards, finding grants or that illusive scholarship, taking out loans. All of this means a mountain of debt by the time that Bachelor’s degree is conferred. And that’s just the beginning....more

Fun with the Eagles

Looking for something fun and educational to do with your kids that doesn't cost that much? If you ever go to Wabasha, MN you have to check this place out, and all proceeds go towards taking care of these majestic creatures. Seeing the Eagles up close and personal was so much fun.A Mama Happily Interrupted: Fun with the Eagles...more

Education Is Sexist

Poverty and gender inequality go hand-in-hand; girls and women in the poorest countries suffer a double whammy, of being born both in a poor country and female. To see the extent of this disadvantage, ONE analyzed the situation for girls and women in least developed countries (LDCs) across key gender indicators. On every indicator, life is significantly harder for girls and women in LDCs compared with those living in other countries....more

Stemming the Tide of STEM

I'm generally in favor of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – education, especially when girls and young women are welcomed into the programs and treated with the same attention as males. (As long as they don't junk it up with a pink color palette.)But it's being oversold.(Typically, at this point I would produce a rant about how STEM is being glorified and promoted ahead of reading, writing, literature, art, music, social studies, and various other humanities. That's a rant for another day, though. I'll get back to it. I promise.)...more

Paying for your future philosophy major

In college I had a roommate that was a history major. I have nothing against history. History is important; we learn from our past; it's good to remember where you've come from. However, her goal in life was to get a job working within airport administration. If you are wondering how a degree in history relates to that goal, then you are not alone. Maybe she had a cushion to fall back on....more

Education: On Second Thought

Our family loves to watch home renovation shows. Our favorite show is Fixer Upper. I love that show so much visiting Magnolia has been added to my bucket list but I digress. Without fail, no matter the show, if there is a family searching for a home their main requirement is to be in a great school district. It used to define where we would live too....more