Serving is Not My Love Language

“Five more minutes, everyone.  Will that be good enough to wrap up your work?”General agreement murmured across the classroom by way of a visual cue from approximately twenty percent of my graduate students. Looking up from their group work, they made eye contact with me and affirmatively nodded....more

American Education & The Need to Learn How to Learn

A version of this post was published at Urban Moo Cow as part of the Around the World Parenting Blog Carnival. Several bloggers got together to discuss parenting and our thoughts on Christine Gross-Loh's new book, Parenting Without Borders. This week we wrote about education. Image Credit: jbachman01 via Flickr...more
@ItsAllRelative Argh, how sad. I don't think parents should have to teach children whole ...more

An Ordinary Family Making a Not So Ordinary Choice About School

Did I ever mention I am a homeschooler?...more
@txfamilyof7 I like to think of it more that we've chosen to try something new, which is in line ...more

I Finished Law School, Healthy, Fit, and Strong

At each station of my life, organization, determination, and the love of family and friends have helped me reach my goal. Finishing law school strong was no exception. ...more

A life lesson for gifted children: failure

Let your gifted child fail. What? Many parents of gifted children, hardened from years of advocacy, might bristle at the idea of allowing their child to fail. They have encouraged their children to fulfill their talents, to strive for their best, to take on new challenges. Passively accepting a failing grade or poor performance may seem alien. But it’s often the best life lesson a child can receive....more

Community School Supplies? Absolutely NOT!

 And so, here we are with school about to start up again – hey, if you live in southern Indiana, many of our schools started up last week!This is the time of year I like to re-run my post about community school supplies and how they are of the devil.  Yes.  Satan himself thought up this concept.  Here we go:=====...more
@Leighbra I believe that taking a child's carefully chosen personal property from him/her and ...more

The Global Knowledge Economy: An increasingly competitive landscape

A new shift is occurring as universities around the world have set their sights on attracting students from abroad. In a quest to cultivate knowledge-based economies, governments around the world are making huge investments to improve the quality of their universities. The new bar is academic excellence. In the new global economy, to be considered well-educated, one must be exposed to ideas and people and transcend national boundaries....more

Do Your Kids Know More Than You Do?

@SharonUleryRuggieri Oh, I think we're all saying the same thing, only we use different words or ...more

In Afghanistan, women and girls strive to get an education

In a country where education for all remains a challenge, UN Women is supporting efforts to reach women and girls through English classes and trainings in computer skills. On 10 July, the CEDAW Committee will review examines Afghanistan’s first report on progress and challenges towards gender equality. ...more

Common Core or Common Sense?

Chatting with a friend a while back, I heard her say something that is as unlikely as it is obvious:Every child deserves a good school....more