Thankful for educators

I’m thankful for the good educators I’ve had in my life. When I was in high school, I was an assistant for one of my math teachers. As a teacher’s assistant, I helped make tests, grade quizzes and help students with math problems. It was during that time that I thought I wanted to be a math teacher when I grew up. (When I was in college, I changed majors when I made my first “B” in a math course. I was so naive.)...more
I haven't personally connected with former teachers, but one of my teacher-friends has... She is ...more

The Hidden Costs of Homeschooling

You see a lot (from homeschoolers) about the hidden savings in homeschooling. Most of these come from money that can be saved my having one parent stay home--no work clothes, no lunches out. And there is lots out there to help you homeschool on the cheap--free online curricula, library books, etc.But I also think about the costs that increase because we are homeschooling. I am not talking about curriculum here, or basic school supplies. But what about  ...more

School Fundraisers; Let's Just Cut to the Chase

Ah, autumn.  The time of year when co-workers won’t look you in the eye, neighbors don’t answer their doors, and your family puts their phones on silent. School fundraiser time!  A week and a half ago my 8 year old daughter brought home a box of 60 chocolate bars.  It seems like a simple task....more

Princess Teacher

Today was a weirdo day. First day back from break = Basically the first day of school. So from the start it was slightly different feeling. But then the real kicker... I had no students. None. Zero. My classroom was completely empty.Weird.But somehow it worked out as a HUGE blessing in disguise because I was able to spend the day in a class and a grade and with a group of kids that I never get to spend time with. And if I've learned one thing from teaching it's that every new experience with children will teach you something....more

Then And Now: How Being A Public School Kid Turned Me Into A Homeschool Parent

My best friend will tell you that public school cheated her out of a real education. Her husband will say the same x1000 and, in his case especially, I think he may be right. He's a remarkably bright guy and a quick and eager learner that got marginalized for all the wrong reasons.  As for myself, I never really felt cheated.Growing up in public school I always felt like I was learning. I still remember specific lessons and when I started college I had the tools I needed to keep up.I never felt like school was all bad.On the other hand, I was bored....more
I was also SO BORED throughout all of my school years. I love that as a homeschooling family we ...more

when your 'last resort' is your 'dream come true'

If you had told me even five years ago that I would be experiencing a major career switch before the age of 25, I would have thought you were crazy. I was IN LOVE with my social media position at the Oxygen Network, and I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else....more

For Brown Girls Who Are Considering Coaching: But Don't Know Much About Coaching

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, you do better."-Maya Angelou...more

Week 4:Overwhelmed

The cat litter looms, an ugly stink wafting up from the basement. The feline, matriarch of three, emerged several times today to remind us that it is Sunday, housework day, which means that the boxes must be dealt with. I used to do the litter boxes myself. Obviously. There was no one else. I did it all myself. But now, married three months today, living together a little over two years, we share tasks. Usually well. A division of labour, but not completed on the other's schedule. For reasons I can't remember he took over the cat litter., The cat, and I, are "get it done" people....more

Your Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful Child Is Important. Just Like All The Other Children in the Room

Bear in mind that the dreaded, awful, overly-strict teacher your child got this year might be another child's all-time favorite. Even small children are entitled to have personality conflicts, and nobody gets along beautifully with everybody.Please remember, also, that while your wonderful, amazing child is, of course,  the most important child in the school, each teacher also has 34+ other equally important children in his/her classroom. If we're talking about middle or high school, each teacher also has from 150 - 230+ equally important students in his/her classroom....more

Are You Asking the Right Questions About Wearable Technologies?

Don't Ignore the Hype!You may not get it just yet, you may not see a need, but you would be wrong to dismiss wearable technology....more