Freedom in Schooling

I want to share something with you guys that’s become a wee bit of an obsession for me: it’s called the Sudbury Model of schooling. For me it all started with this book, Free to Learn by Peter Gray....more

Why Media Literacy is So Important for Our Kids

I am writing this as a parent who is incredibly grateful that the school my girls attend teaches media literacy aggressively and early. Beginning in the 5th grade, the teachers present the students with examples of how we are barraged every day with messages that may or may not represent us, but whose sole aim is to sell us something, even if couched in the guise of "entertainment." ...more

The Truth About Common Core: Why Your Anger Is Misdirected

If you search the Internet for “Common Core,” you will get hundreds of hits about people who are angry about the “poison” that is the Common Core. They are all up in arms about how difficult materials are or how everything is focused on testing now. A recurring complaint I hear is how Common Core math is so hard for kids (and parents!) to understand. ...more
At last someone that understands and can explain what is really going on with common core.  I ...more

Wineducation: Vinturi Wine Aerator

I have been an aerator from way back. I received the Vinturi Wine Aerator as a Christmas gift many years ago, and was hooked on the screeching addition to my wine pour ever since. I also tout the benefits of the Vinturi Wine Aerator to my fellow wine lovers because I truly believe it smooths out the rougher aspects of the flavor of wines (especially the budget-friendly fare that I talk about here)....more


 Tracy D. Holloman, MA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP...more

Good Teachers are Leaving the Profession They Love Most Why?

 Is it the teacher’s fault that our educational system is failing?  Or is it the training they receive in college to blame? When I was young teachers were respected and valued for the important job they did to foster values and teach children and to be responsible citizens. Everyone knew someone that wanted to be a teacher when they grew up and model the teachers they had when they were young....more
I agree, Betty. I'm seeing it with my daughter and dealing with the school to get her the extra ...more

Pre-School Crunch Time

Its January, so for mom's of two year old children across my neighborhood in Brooklyn this means that the pre-school applications are due by the end of the month to snag a seat in September. AGHHHH!!!!! ...more
Thank you. I need to hear other perspectives- especially from people outside of New York and ...more

Honoring Lindsey

Danita Clark Able,  Author of Letters From A Whoremonger's Wife This weekend, we’re honoring my Sweet Lindsey; celebrating her accomplishments. In case you haven’t had the privilege to know her yet, please let me tell you a bit about her:...more

Snow Day Busy-Work Required When School Is Canceled: Who Benefits and Who Falls Behind?

The call came during my first sip of coffee this morning. No school. Snow day. Most kids rejoice, but my oldest son frowned big. "But I want to learn!" I started spouting off all of the fun things the two brothers could do and get into today, knowing full well the wrench it threw into my own day. Promises of making a snowman, mugs of hot chocolate, and a snowball fight worked a little bit to turn his frown upside down. Then his face lit up. "Does this mean we get to do our Blizzard Bag today?" It was my turn to frown. ...more
FireMom They love visitors! I'm 99% sure I'm visiting in 2 wks. 84 deg today! Seems ...more

Planning to have an autumn baby

My son was born in the Spring. Like so many other mothers, I was thrilled when I found out that I was pregnant, and looked forward to his due date. At no time during my pregnancy did I wonder if the time of year that he was born would affect how he would perform at school....more