5 Habits That Make My Average-IQ Teen An Above-Average Student

I have her permission to tell you this: my 16-year-old daughter is not the smartest kid in her class.She has a capable, healthy mind, and we’re so grateful for it. But our first-born doesn’t score in the highest percentiles on standardized exams. There’ll be no 2000 on the SAT for her. She’s not part of our area’s accelerated math and science program. She can’t figure out sales tax without a calculator and needed a tutor to get through geometry.  She won’t be the valedictorian on graduation day. I suspect her IQ is average....more

How to Keep Your Child Learning in the Summer

“We won’t have any more homework for the rest of the year,” my five-year-old announced after Memorial Day.I was shocked. I had hoped they wouldn’t start getting ready for summer so soon. That’s when I realized “summer brain drain” is a real thing....more

Homeshooling, Unschooling, Worldschooling, Online High School, why so many schooling labels?

 I put my first daughter, Teen Kiddo, in preschool when she turned a year and a half, I didn´t really put much thought into it....more

I am not an education reformer but I look like one on the internet

Educators do need time to collaborate - time to reflect and support each other. This sounds like ...more

Why I Chose Kumon for My Child

I'm an advocate for teaching children based on their individual abilities and thirst for knowledge.  My 8 year old daughter attends a wonderful school but in my honest opinion, no matter how good a school may be the one major factor in the detriment of public education is "grade level". Everything is based on, compared to, and all relative to grade level.How can a child fully engage in learning if the content is limited by their grade level?...more

Exam season: How can I help my teenager (and me!) survive?

Help, it's exam season again!  As the mother of twin teenage girls, I'm feeling the pressure.  If I ask for help stacking the dishwasher, or suggest tidying bedrooms, I am met with a flood of hysterical complaints that I don't understand what it's like to have so much to do.  And yet they still have time for Tumblr and Facebook, it seems....more

What is a teacher worth?

How much do you compensate the people responsible for the future? Grand statement, sure, but come on, teachers are the people who care for, educate and influence your children for the rest of their lives. They grow up to become the society of the future....more

Monday Morning Inspiration

CLICK HERE to view my very first vlog. ...more

Homeschooling is a Lifestyle Choice

We've been house hunting for over a year and finally a few months ago put our current home up for sale and one of the top selling points of our current home is the great location.We live walking distance to a Super Target as well as a ton of restaurants and other stores. We are also only 1/2 a mile from the local elementary school which is part of one of the best school zones in South Florida....more