Five Questions That Make This Homeschooling Mama Crazy (Nablopomo Day 9)

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dustyksanoon That's a great one! I heard a little boy answer that question once, "it depends ...more

Stay in school, kids

As my son and I waited way too long to get a prescription filled the other day, an older gentleman started chatting with us. He remarked that my son was being very patient, and he asked my son how old he was. My son replied politely. (Proud Mommy moment.) My son then volunteered the information that he was allowed to talk to strangers but not leave with them. (Proud/semi awkward Mommy moment.)...more

Steps in Stopping Racial Inequality

We don’t get to choose the color of our eyes or the color of our hair. They make colored contacts and hair dye to change the small things we want to change yet we are left with something that we cannot permanently change with a box of hair dye or contacts we can pick up from our eye doctor-our skin color....more

Unschooling through Art and Languages

*I wrote this post last year but it's one of my favorites*...more

Nov 28 Reaping What Got Sown in my Teaching Years

Nov 28    Reaping What Got Sown in my Teaching Years ...more

That's just how I feel

As a person, we have the right to stand by our opinion and that is just how I feel. I have received many responses from adult and old people-like that they like my enthusiasm and positivity....more

HS English FAIL

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The Walking School Bus

When I was in kindergarten, we lived close enough to the school to walk. I only remember walking and biking to the school grounds on the weekends, but the option was there. I would have loved walking to school on school days with a group of my peers and my mom, who probably would have been our group leader. She drove me to school most days anyway....more

Why I Had to Leave Teaching to Become a Better Teacher

I left teaching after 10 years thinking I would never come back to it.  I know it is a clichéd metaphor, but I felt I was closing a door and padlocking it with five extra locks, two more deadbolts and one of those chain thingies to really close it off.  Oh, and I put cement around the door and installed a ton of barbed wire....more
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