Learning Chemistry, Physics and Math in the Garden - Part 1

Agriculture is science. If you're growing something - whether flowers in a pot on the windowsill or vast fields of vegetables - you've got a ready-built classroom....more

Introductions Are Always The Hardest

I am a sleuth.My colleagues sometimes call me "Mr. Wolf" because I solve problems.My mother calls me "the Austistic Whisperer."I call myself "The Patron Saint of Lost Causes."My dogs just appreciate it when I feed them on time....more

Old Enough To Speak?

Walking the line between providing your children with a moral, ethical or cultural compass with which to function in society and allowing them the freedom to form their own opinions and be their own person can be tricky....more

The Disappearance of Joy

What do you remember about kindergarten?I remember:...more

TED Ed Kids' Videos Show Welcome (and Unexpected) Inclusion of Same-Sex Couples

As a lesbian mom, I'm always on the lookout for children's books and media that are inclusive of same-sex relationships. I was thrilled, therefore, when I discovered two such videos from TED Ed, the educational branch of the organization that puts on the thought-provoking TED Talks. One of them was particularly unexpected....more

Paper note-taking: Not old-school… genius

 Is the pen mightier than the laptop?...more

Silent Witness

Statistics reveal that one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. But what is rarely discussed is the impact that this has on children.  The silent witnesses who hear or witness violence against their mothers....more

I'm becoming a better woman by remembering the girl I used to be

This past Sunday I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Actually, I celebrated all weekend, spending time with family and friends and eating entirely too much cake.The highlight of the weekend, however, was a big blue poster I found tacked to my classroom door Friday morning....more

Does Homeschooling Need To Be Re-Branded?

Image source: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Bill_NyeLast week my Facebook feed was full of discussion about the "Big Debate" between Ken Hamm and Bill Nye.  They were discussing creationism vs....more

Degrees of Separation

After that, things went downhill quickly at work. I mean, within weeks. The Dentistry “event” that kept getting deferred in planning finally came upon us, with no real curriculum. It was used, along with the silly “t-shirt” incident, as ammo against me during a performance review....more