Adulthood 101: Plungers, Sponges, & Embarrassment... Oh My!

Adulthood 101: the path is rarely smooth and easy......more

Laughter Trumps Nerves

 There's nothing like showing up a week early to a substitute teaching training session. I can't stop laughing at my own ridiculousness that came out in full force this morning....more

An Embarrassing Childhood Memory

by blogqueendiane ...more

Why Criminals LOOOOVE Me

Darcy Perdu of

When Your Joke Goes Bust, Adjust

Have you ever tried to say something funny, only to realize not everyone realized it was a joke? So then you try to explain that you were kidding, but at that point it’s awkward and you just prefer to crawl into a hole?Now I’m not talking about people that say things they actually mean but try to pass them off as a joke because they’re too passive to say what they really mean (“Oh, you never return my stuff! I’m just kidding…”). That drives me crazy....more

Good Night Stinky Face

Mr. A and I went grocery shopping one afternoon without the munchkin. We were just grabbing some quick things for dinner before we picked her up. I had made it to the end of one of the aisles and remembered I needed pasta sauce. Before I knew it Mr. A was high tailing it down the aisle to go grab it. He left me with the shopping cart at the other end of the aisle. He took off so fast and I couldn't figure out why. All I could think is how strange and unlike him that was to so quickly take off before I finished a sentence. Then it hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks....more

I am Not a Bimbo and I Won't Play One to Get Ahead

Can I ask a question?  Of course I can, it’s my blog.Why do some women feel the need to dumb themselves down in order to be taken seriously?Nothing annoys me more, (well, ok, maybe a few things do, but this? This really annoys me) than women who are very intelligent but feel the need to play the dumb bimbo.  Women work hard enough to be taken seriously, to prove that we are as good as, as smart as, worth as much as a man.  And yet, there are women out there who are dumbing it down, playing the bimbo, and being successful because of it.  ...more

Humiliation at the Local Pharmacy

Ever get your hand caught in the razor case at your local CVS pharmacy?No?Never?Well. You're just not livin'.In order to keep my journalistic integrity intact, I need to disclose that it was more than just my hand that got stuck in the razor display case at CVS. It was my hand and halfway up my arm that was stuck in the razor case.Naturally, it wasn't my fault. It is the fault of those razor locker thingies at CVS. They are totally defective and completely useless. I pushed the button and the machine did not dispense my razor blades.Phooey....more
I hate those cases! My daughter, (she's 26) and I were trying to get some out one day.  We kept ...more

Eggroll Gone Bad

Well another stellar day at the store. Ump went to Dodges and picked up some eggrolls for our lunch and we were eating them. Actually Ump was eating his and I was inhaling mine. We are sitting in our really cool Regis and Kellie barstools and life is good. Our good friend and vendor Sharon came in telling us how wonderful we were....I mean how wonderful her day was going and I tried to carry on a conversation with her without missing a bite.  Naturally I got choked. I'm talking for real choked....more

No, No Really, Seriously, I Was Just Kidding!

Kidding around can be a lot of fun with people you trust and share some history with; you know their hearts are in the right place and where they’re coming from. People you don’t know so well, who are ribbing you, especially the ones who may have some kind of agenda, either leave you not knowing whether it was just being playful or if there’s an underlying message. That can be borderline meanness. ...more
Yeah, I hate when that happens.  Good for you, standing your ground.  more