Face-to-Face with My Empty Nest Life

I am at last face-to-face with my empty nest life, even if I am still in denial. Today, my first day with an empty house, I want to remain tucked within my sheets, indulging in a flood of salty tears that have already soaked through and stained my pillow. I have no desire to open my eyes and indulge them to a surrounding wall of obvious sunshine and warmth outside.My heart is breaking! And this is only my first day....more
souschef  Thank you for stopping by to comment, honeys, because I know that you, too, are ...more

Gray on Gray

Dawn Quyle Landau,  Tales From the MotherlandLittle boots, sit by the door… waiting for children who have grown up....more

Homestyle Chicken & Gravy

 Yesterday was one of those days that I needed to seek out comfort…...more

I Wrote a Book!

So I took 8 years of stories about raising a Millennial (aka Brittany Geiger Smith) and turned them into a book which just went live as an ebook on Amazon today! I've got it priced low for the first month hoping people will buy it, read it ...and review it....more

Try Something New

We've all tried something new at some point in time. Lots of things, actually. But when is the last time you tried something new?Is it important to try new things? It is scary to try new things? Do the benefits outweigh the risk of trying new things? I think the answers are- Yes; It can be; Most of the time, yes....more

The Way Things Change

The nest has been empty for four years now and my views have certainly changed from that first year to the present day.The FIRST Year:...more
thanks for the whimsical look at being an empty nester.  i'm smack in the middle of year one and ...more

Do's and Don'ts

I have a list of DO's and DON'Ts (the discussion about the correct spelling of DOs and DON'Ts could be a blog post in and of itself...who knew???) when it comes to living in an empty nest.My list is a bit long, so I shortened it for this post---...more

Is Mom Ready For The First Day Of Kindergarten?

WHY AM I SAD THAT MY DAUGHTER IS STARTING KINDERGARTEN WHEN SHE'S BEEN IN PRESCHOOL FOR YEARS?  photocreditDr. Susan Rutherford (MOM): You weren’t prepared for it.MOLLY: It's true: I was shocked....more

Do You Care What your DIL Thinks of Your Housecleaning?

And then there is the other side of getting ready for your adult kids to come for an extended visit.....I realize that beginning a blog post with the word "and" as if you were in the middle of an ongoing conversation is very odd. But apparently my post yesterday was actually Part One of a Two Part Series on having your grown-up children come for a stay. Who knew?...more

You Want To Move Back Home?

Well, let me tell you:I've barely stepped a foot in Nikki's old room since she moved out in 2006. TWO THOUSAND AND SIX! Sure, I went in there to make sure she removed every last trace of Nikkiness and took it with her when she moved out. Not that I didn't want any residual of Nikki here, I just have enough of my own stuff to contend with. My intention back in 2007 when I asked her to get the last of her stuff out of the closet was to spread out. (I do have a splatter painting she made in 3rd grade framed and hanging on a wall). ...more
@Denise thanks! steps are exercise too, right? lolmore