Grieving on Planes

I seem to do much grieving on planes....more


As I drove away from my children yesterday, leaving them to begin their new journey as college students, I knew I would cry and be an emotional wreck. That was a given....more

How College Drop-Off Turned Me into One of 'Those Moms '

August 23, 1998. The date will remain forever scorched in my memory as the day I became one of those mothers. The kind the rest of us whisper about when she leaves the room to get more tea. The kind who gives a bad name to motherhood. I wasn't one when I left my own driveway, but by the time I reached Burlington, Vermont, I was a full-fledged wack-a-doo. A June Cleaver with bi-polar disorder and a twitch beneath my right eye. ...more

All Too Quickly

It creeps up on you.  All too quickly they grow up.  One day their chubby, little arms are wrapped around your neck giving you the sweetest, slobbery kisses and the next day they are loading up the car with carelessly packed boxes of bedding and clothes heading off to college....more

Successful Aging

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To Be Continued . . . . .

I’ve tried writing this post several times over the last two days, and I keep getting lost in the details. Then I realized--the details aren’t important here. When I think about life over the four months after my marriage blew apart, these things are fundamentally true:1. It’s really, really hard to be separated from your husband and have to continue living in the same house....more

Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife

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Jumping Off the Hamster Wheel

The Bucket List (DVD cover) ...more

The Whole Truth: A Mom's Letter to her Grown Sons

I'm the mom of two boys. My older son is a sophomore at our state university. My youngest just flew out to finish his first year of college 700 miles away. It's a bittersweet time. It's also a time for the whole truth.My darling boys:I blinked. I must have, that’s the only explanation. I had these beautiful little baby boys. A year apart. So sweet, the loves of my life (ummm, don’t tell your dad that part). Even when you went through the terrible twos and then the worse threes, I loved you every minute. And then I blinked....more


I am reaching a definite point of transition in my life. My children (twins) are 18, seniors in high school. They are elbow deep into college applications, and the excitement on their faces radiates as they inch closer to completing the K-12 marathon. I can tell they are itching to sprint to the end, grab that diploma, and strike out on their next adventure as young adults. And I share that excitement....more