Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife

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Jumping Off the Hamster Wheel

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The Whole Truth: A Mom's Letter to her Grown Sons

I'm the mom of two boys. My older son is a sophomore at our state university. My youngest just flew out to finish his first year of college 700 miles away. It's a bittersweet time. It's also a time for the whole truth.My darling boys:I blinked. I must have, that’s the only explanation. I had these beautiful little baby boys. A year apart. So sweet, the loves of my life (ummm, don’t tell your dad that part). Even when you went through the terrible twos and then the worse threes, I loved you every minute. And then I blinked....more


I am reaching a definite point of transition in my life. My children (twins) are 18, seniors in high school. They are elbow deep into college applications, and the excitement on their faces radiates as they inch closer to completing the K-12 marathon. I can tell they are itching to sprint to the end, grab that diploma, and strike out on their next adventure as young adults. And I share that excitement....more

When They Come Home

It was a long three month stay away, his first semester in college. Now he's home. Tonight, nothing could wipe away my smile as I heard three separate bedroom doors close after each of my sons called out, “'night, mom, I love you.” All three of my children are in one place at one time....more

A Homecoming

Autumn ColorThomas Wolfe said one can't go home again, and in a sense, that's true. I cannot be a child again....more

A Life of Purpose? What for?

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3 Healthy Choices to Make Today

We hear it all the time. Eat Healthy, Exercise, Breathe! These things that should come naturally to us, but do not, have been created by the evolution of food choices. And not all of them healthy choices!...more

Taking my Youngest Daughter to College

JANE Yesterday we drove our youngest daughter, Josie, to Virginia to start college.  It was an emotional day for me.  I’m not saying only bad emotions were involved.  It was just an emotional day....more
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How Not to Be That Mom on College Move In Day

The college experience is a big deal for everyone in the family, it evokes change on every member of a household. The younger sibling who no longer shares the bathroom or has the comfort of knowing her sister is just in the next room at night. he dad who is used to catching the football games with his son. The mom who has devoted every ounce of her being to raising her child and micro-managing outfits, tasks, and chores. But the overall college experience belongs to the student. College Move-in day (and college in general) is not about you! ...more
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