I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom Again: My Nest Is No Longer Empty

for a little while, we will all be here, together. The four of us, together. Together, under one roof. Together, for a while -- who knows how long. Four adults. Together. Do you get where I’m going with this? I am actually really, truly looking forward to it. I mean it. It will be fun for us to all be home again. We haven’t spent much time as a family of four over the past few years, and I know we’ll laugh a lot. And probably yell a little bit. Or a lot....more
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My Dirty Laundry

I love doing laundry.I love the fact that there is a beginning (dirty clothes on the floor of the garage) a middle (sorted and washed, dried) and an end (folding and stacking)....more
 @sharongreenthal And I think I can read you smiling here, just knowing they will be home soon. ...more

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Senior Year

Brittany has started her senior year and she says she “should” graduate on time. There was a point a couple years ago where she said she might do a “victory lap”. That’s what the kids call a 5th year.Everyone is a spin-doctor nowadays!She moved into an apartment 2 weeks before school started. Right before the move she called to ask when we were coming to visit. She had been wanting to get us out there to see the resort she was working at all summer....more


In England they call it being “broody,” the clock ticking feeling that the one thing in the world you want to hold is your own baby. It strikes women in their twenties and thirties and if not dealt with can bring on a sense of panic. But I am in my fifties, my children have left home and yet I have been having that familiar tug, that feeling like I want to pick up the babies of perfect strangers and have a little cuddle....more

I Have a Confession to Make

Who I Am In My Family and What I Am Not Without Them

After spending many years of searching, trying to find Me, and looking to “fit in,” somewhere, anywhere, I can now say, I am finally where I belong, and I know who I am. By the grace of God, I am home! I am a wife and a mother, and a grandmother. And because I have finally earned the love and respect I’ve craved all my life, I can now lead, where before no-one would follow....more
This is beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing. I do have tears in my eyes. I guess it's ...more

Best Way for Parents to Not Protect Their Child

 I took my youngest rock climbing the other day and it struck me. Her acrophobic Dad, safely planted on the ground, as Ella was at least five stories high, unafraid of her growing distance from the ground..she's on her own. I can't entirely protect her anymore, if I ever truly could. But isn't that my job......more

Rear View Mirror

Daughter Envy

I think I am jealous of my daughter. The thought occurs to me as I wait on a bench while she has a job interview across the street. My feet hurt, the ten pound "Forever 21" bag  full of floral print dresses and cut off shorts digs into my shoulder. She has shopped before the interview and I am holding the bag....more
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