Brittany spent the first two weeks of this semester living out of her suitcase. Western Carolina has Rush right after Christmas break and she was a one of the girls who removed themselves from their sororities to work with the girls going through Rush. They couldn’t have anything on their person or car that showed which sorority they belonged to and couldn’t live in their sorority house or have contact with their sisters during that time so they wouldn’t sway the voting for or against the Rushees. ...more

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.

This weekend marks a significant anniversary in my life. My life was saved exactly half a lifetime ago. I was 27 years old 27 years ago when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had no family history. I was young , healthy and fit- not exactly a high risk candidate. Yet there I was, spending the 1984 holiday season being probed and tested for a variety of symptoms that had grown too worrisome  to ignore. Sudden weight loss ( at 27  I wasn't going to question  that one !), fatigue and crippling abdominal pain were more than just stress due to a hectic season and home remodel....more

Young-ish and Old-ish

What did you do for New Year's Eve?We went out to dinner with a group of 6 couples, and we had a wonderful time. We went to a pretty happening place, which we don't really do much anymore. Not that we don't enjoy a nice evening out, but this place was, well, young (or young-ish). I guess what I really mean is that we are, I suppose, old (or old-ish)....more

Then and Now

              Cleaning my office is like an archeologi...more

My Guilty Pleasure - at 25% Off

 Today, I indulged myself in my guiltiest of pleasures.  I planned for days to enjoy my hours of pure, unfettered enjoyment, with no fear of being caught, no laws being broken, my health intact – and, if I was very lucky, not too much money being lost.Today I went shopping. ...more


It’s For You

It’s For You Frequently phoning home from college, most of the time it doesn’t seem Brittany cares which of her parents she talks to. Either one will do. Many times we have sat at the dinner table and the kitchen house phone will ring. During dinner we usually screen calls, but often Brittany won’t leave a message because it’s not like she has any real message. A second later we will hear John’s office phone ring. Then my cell (usually in the kitchen drawer.) And then John’s pocket will ring. ...more

Mom Dreams

I don't sleep too great at night now that I'm post-menopausal.  And, when I do sleep, I'm not a big 'dreamer'.  At least not dreams that I remember.  I read somewhere that we actually dream pretty much every night, but we just don't remember them all.  Perhaps there's mercy in that somehow.The dreams that I do remember the next morning are almost always about my children, my two sons.  I think most moms can relate to that -- our kids are just always in our heart, mind, thoughts, and dreams.  But, here's the interesting thing I'm finding.....My&n...more

The Send Off