Daughter Envy

I think I am jealous of my daughter. The thought occurs to me as I wait on a bench while she has a job interview across the street. My feet hurt, the ten pound "Forever 21" bag  full of floral print dresses and cut off shorts digs into my shoulder. She has shopped before the interview and I am holding the bag....more
Pauline, many thanks. I reworked it just a bit.more

They are Lucky to Have US

We American parents have taken a great deal of flak. First we were branded as “helicopters,” then we were made to feel inferior to the Chinese and now, the French, with their better parenting models. We have been accused of disabling our offspring with our over-involved, ultimately self-absorbed parenting styles. Worse, our kids have been labeled as “immature” and unable to face adulthood on their own. All in all not a great picture....more

At Some Point, It's All About Me

It Is All About Me God, it really is all about me now. Not in the self-serving, hey guess what I am doing way, but rather, in a very different and often poignant way. My daughter (my only) and I had many different roles in our lives as she grew from the tiny girl who didn’t get the part of Cinderella in her kindergarten play (she was a mouse) to the graceful young woman she became. Along the way, she ran a lot, sometimes on the track and many times from me. She studied a lot. I watched her from my studio....more


Saturday mornings are accompanied by the luxurious realization that the day belongs to me, my husband and our two chocolate Labradors. I am no longer obligated to rush to soccer-hockey-lacrosse-football-baseball games- track and swim meets to watch one or both of our two children compete. While I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them develop from clumsy little kids just learning the rules of the sports to varsity and even collegiate athletes, I am not mourning the end of that phase of their young lives. One aspect of youth sports that I will not miss is the dreaded snack schedule....more

What She Left When She Left for College



Brittany spent the first two weeks of this semester living out of her suitcase. Western Carolina has Rush right after Christmas break and she was a one of the girls who removed themselves from their sororities to work with the girls going through Rush. They couldn’t have anything on their person or car that showed which sorority they belonged to and couldn’t live in their sorority house or have contact with their sisters during that time so they wouldn’t sway the voting for or against the Rushees. ...more

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.

This weekend marks a significant anniversary in my life. My life was saved exactly half a lifetime ago. I was 27 years old 27 years ago when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had no family history. I was young , healthy and fit- not exactly a high risk candidate. Yet there I was, spending the 1984 holiday season being probed and tested for a variety of symptoms that had grown too worrisome  to ignore. Sudden weight loss ( at 27  I wasn't going to question  that one !), fatigue and crippling abdominal pain were more than just stress due to a hectic season and home remodel....more

Young-ish and Old-ish

What did you do for New Year's Eve?We went out to dinner with a group of 6 couples, and we had a wonderful time. We went to a pretty happening place, which we don't really do much anymore. Not that we don't enjoy a nice evening out, but this place was, well, young (or young-ish). I guess what I really mean is that we are, I suppose, old (or old-ish)....more

Then and Now

              Cleaning my office is like an archeologi...more

My Guilty Pleasure - at 25% Off

 Today, I indulged myself in my guiltiest of pleasures.  I planned for days to enjoy my hours of pure, unfettered enjoyment, with no fear of being caught, no laws being broken, my health intact – and, if I was very lucky, not too much money being lost.Today I went shopping. ...more