Young-ish and Old-ish

What did you do for New Year's Eve?We went out to dinner with a group of 6 couples, and we had a wonderful time. We went to a pretty happening place, which we don't really do much anymore. Not that we don't enjoy a nice evening out, but this place was, well, young (or young-ish). I guess what I really mean is that we are, I suppose, old (or old-ish)....more

Then and Now

              Cleaning my office is like an archeologi...more

My Guilty Pleasure - at 25% Off

 Today, I indulged myself in my guiltiest of pleasures.  I planned for days to enjoy my hours of pure, unfettered enjoyment, with no fear of being caught, no laws being broken, my health intact – and, if I was very lucky, not too much money being lost.Today I went shopping. ...more

It’s For You

It’s For You Frequently phoning home from college, most of the time it doesn’t seem Brittany cares which of her parents she talks to. Either one will do. Many times we have sat at the dinner table and the kitchen house phone will ring. During dinner we usually screen calls, but often Brittany won’t leave a message because it’s not like she has any real message. A second later we will hear John’s office phone ring. Then my cell (usually in the kitchen drawer.) And then John’s pocket will ring. ...more

Mom Dreams

I don't sleep too great at night now that I'm post-menopausal.  And, when I do sleep, I'm not a big 'dreamer'.  At least not dreams that I remember.  I read somewhere that we actually dream pretty much every night, but we just don't remember them all.  Perhaps there's mercy in that somehow.The dreams that I do remember the next morning are almost always about my children, my two sons.  I think most moms can relate to that -- our kids are just always in our heart, mind, thoughts, and dreams.  But, here's the interesting thing I'm finding.....My&n...more

The Send Off


What Can You Tell Your College Freshman Daughter? Here's the Song That Holds All the Answers

She’s officially launched. The girl who writes, laughs, reads, feels deeply and longs for adventure. The girl who has never been away from home for more than three weeks, yet chose a large urban college far, far away from her suburban roots. The bright and talented girl who can drive me to distraction and then be forgiven in a single heartbeat....more

If You Must Label Me: I'm an Empty Nester of a Certain Age

I'm still in Boston -- which is incredibly beautiful after Hurricane Irene blew through. I just got my daughter situated at college for her freshman year and I have added a new blogging category -- empty nester.  Tomorrow, I'll be heading back to Los Angeles and a whole new chapter of my life, which is both exciting and overwhelming....more