My daughter is staying at school this summer

Brittany is staying at school this summer. The hotel she has been working at wanted her year round and since her sorority house stays open and charges for her room all summer it made sense.   After her overloaded schedule this past year I was afraid she would be bored during any downtime. Especially since there are only five girls staying in the house....more

The Nest Empties

The kids are gone. The house is empty. Their rooms are neat and tidy. “Face your fears.” How many times have we heard that truism? We even say it to ourselves. Who knew that an empty nest would be lined with fears?...more
Hi. I just joined Innovative Online Book Tours and thought I would come around and say hello to ...more

Not a teen anymore!

Not a teen anymore!       On May 10th my baby will turn 20! I can hardly believe it! She called me a couple weeks ago because she had to do a timeline of significant moments in her life for one of her classes....more

Change... Im not a fan.

Forever 17...more

The Sound of Silence

Summer is in full force here in Texas and an empty nest is decidedly different.There are no screen doors slamming over and over.  There are no voices screaming "Mom, can I have a dollar?" when the ice cream truck is still three blocks away.  No more spending the summer known as "So and So's mom".  No begging for watermelon or to go to the neighborhood pool. ...more

Brittany Learns to Clean

Brittany Learns to Clean     Apparently Brittany has started cleaning her room at school. I know this because several times when I’ve talked to her on the phone she’s mentioned the fact.   I don’t remember her cleaning her room in the 18 years she lived with me....more

In My Room

The Middle Ages      Two Friends--different ages, different husbands, different opinions Deb: As Brian Wilson sang: There’s a world where I can go and tell my secrets to ... in my room, in my room. In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears ... in my room, in my room. Do my dreaming and my scheming, lie awake and pray,...more

From Melting Smile to Rolling Eyes

I talked to Brittany even more often then usual this past month. The radio in her car was broken and she would call to have me entertain her whenever she drove somewhere. The first time she called me and said that I was a little worried. I thought she wanted me to sing and her favorite music is either country or rap! I’ve recently been trying to remember when I switched from melting smile to rolling eyes when questioned about how she is doing. You know what I mean....more

Growing up?

Growing up?     I’ve noticed some changes in Brittany this year. She has always been pretty independent, mature and self-sufficient. Being an only child she’s been comfortable around adults since she was a little girl....more

Two years after losing a child, still tormented by my secret

I am pregnant, about 8 months along and I love to feel my hands around my growing belly. I love to feel her move, every new part of this pregnancy makes me giddy. Everything is good, for the first time in my life I do not feel the least bit anxious, guilty or depressed. I feel no stress only blind confidence. I am so happy I could burst. When I get into my doctors office she says "you're not pregnant. I'm sorry there must have been a mistake on our part." I wake up feeling my flat belly, feeling so alone it hurts....more