It's OK to be where you are

You gotta know when to push them (part 2)

On Monday, I shared some of the ways that I push my son so he learns about money and doesn't give up on trying new things. And that is all fine and dandy. But the real challenge for me will be pushing him academically without become a crazy, overbearing Mom in the process....more

Being Everyone's Cheerleader

I never realized how much time of my adult life would be devoted to cheerleading. Thinking back to childhood, I never participated in any events which elicited pom-poms and rah-rah action. It thoroughly surprises me how this grown-up role of perpetual cheerleader comes to me naturally. ...more

Joy is not an emotion.

Hi! Today is one of those days where I feel my circumstances are piling up so high it is getting difficult to see over them. I have issues, lots of them, and I think many of you can relate in some way. Reality is issues and problems will increase the longer we are here on earth.  If you want joy you will have to fight for it and learn how to climb to the top and choose joy over your circumstances. Here is a glimpse of a running list of things that are piling up in my head today......more

Sunday Morning Sip & Skim: January 17

Happy Sunday! It's cooler in Florida this morning, but I'm still sipping on this Salted Caramel Iced Coffee from TidyMom. Are you sipping & skimming this morning? Share your photos on social media using #SundaySipAndSkim Let's rise and shine this morning with this week's best stories....more

Hopes for a "Perfect" Holiday Season

The REAL ChristmasBy Stacy BartholomewEdited by Le Anne LindsayJoy, excitement,family, friends, lights, stress, harried, expense, cold, expectations, loneliness, disappointment. There is a lot of variety in those words isn't there? Think with me for just a minute. What are your hopes for a perfect holiday season?...more

To thine own self...

A few months ago I found myself lost within the walls of Chattanooga’s Hunter Museum of Art. Please note that I am not an expert in the intricacies of artistic technique – there are undoubtedly connotations that I overlooked, explicit insinuations that I ignored…implied impressions that flew right over my dear, oblivious head – but I have no doubt that, were a person more detached from the responsibilities of everyday life, she could dissolve easily into the beauty and wonderment that reside within that museum…...more

Two Words Moms Should Say More Often (to Themselves and Each Other)

The other day, I told a mom friend I was hosting a sleepover. I confessed to her that I hardly ever let my daughters have sleepovers because I always freak out about what the girls will do and where they'll sleep and if, heaven help me, everyone is having a good time! "I don't do them either," she told me. ...more
Thank you for featuring this! I am so honored and humbled and hope other moms might be ...more

Team Suck - For the Win!

Last week one of my fantastic coworkers finagled a way for our team to go bowling together. She and I were incredibly excited to get the time away from work to do some team building - even though we both suck at bowling. We suck at bowling so much, that we happily dubbed our team, Team Suck....more