Area Guide to Highbury, London

It's been almost a year since we moved to the N5 area (between Highbury and Finsbury Park). In that time I've seen a few new businesses pop up and seriously think it's only a matter of time before it becomes the next up-and-coming London neighbourhood to watch. What I love most about the area is that N5 has only a handful of chains and the majority of local businesses are one-off London gems. The N5 area is also super close to the hip and hippy Stoke Newington, and Clissold Park is just two minutes' walk away too....more

6 Weeks in the English Lakes #4: Beatrix Potter on England's Fells

"The fells are never twice alike." – Beatrix Potter, from a February 28, 1938 letter to Josephine BannerOne of the loveliest ways to spend a day - or many days - in the English Lakes is to hike, and the beautiful places to hike are nearly endless....more

6 Weeks in the English Lakes #3: Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm

"Some of the walls were four feet thick, and there used to be queer noises inside them, as if there might be a little secret staircase. Certainly there were odd little jagged doorways in the wainscot, and things disappeared at night—especially cheese and bacon." - from The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse, by Beatrix Potter...more

And They Lived Happily Ever After

sharing our little adventures in life as a young married couple. Blogging about everything that interests me from days out, making things, growing veg and exercise...more

Death of the English Summer

This morning I woke up and Summer was dead. ...more

Nothing but my own devices

Library windowsSteve is now on his way home and I’m so glad. I cannot believe that I spent X amount of years living alone – it’s so boring. I can’t stand not being on a regular schedule and having the days just stretch on like that....more

On Crossing the English Channel and Making Dreams Come True

April has been a very blah month for me.  It has rained almost every single day, and I have felt like I'm under house arrest.  Except when I have to go to the market, and get completely drenched in the constant rain.  A trip to the coast was a very welcome reprieve last week, but I have really been itching to go somewhere.  Finances have been tight, with taxes and our car breaking ...more

To Each Her Own

From the OED---Letterboxing...more

It's Law and Order, But What Are They Wearing on Their Heads?

I've long been a Law & Order fan.  I got seriously hooked on it two decades ago when gritty cop shows were more of a novelty. The original series with its signature bum bum tones has always been my favorite.  Thanks to syndication,  I've seen every episode at least three or four times....more