Visiting the Real Life Hogwarts Castle

Yes, it really does exist and you really can visit it! Prepare yourself, I'm about to make all of your Harry Potter dreams come true....more

Film Inspired Travel in England

Great post, makes me want to go on walking literary tours across England. Just loved the 1995 ...more

Area Guide to Highbury, London

It's been almost a year since we moved to the N5 area (between Highbury and Finsbury Park). In that time I've seen a few new businesses pop up and seriously think it's only a matter of time before it becomes the next up-and-coming London neighbourhood to watch. What I love most about the area is that N5 has only a handful of chains and the majority of local businesses are one-off London gems. The N5 area is also super close to the hip and hippy Stoke Newington, and Clissold Park is just two minutes' walk away too....more

6 Weeks in the English Lakes #4: Beatrix Potter on England's Fells

"The fells are never twice alike." – Beatrix Potter, from a February 28, 1938 letter to Josephine BannerOne of the loveliest ways to spend a day - or many days - in the English Lakes is to hike, and the beautiful places to hike are nearly endless....more

6 Weeks in the English Lakes #3: Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm

"Some of the walls were four feet thick, and there used to be queer noises inside them, as if there might be a little secret staircase. Certainly there were odd little jagged doorways in the wainscot, and things disappeared at night—especially cheese and bacon." - from The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse, by Beatrix Potter...more

And They Lived Happily Ever After

sharing our little adventures in life as a young married couple. Blogging about everything that interests me from days out, making things, growing veg and exercise...more

Death of the English Summer

This morning I woke up and Summer was dead. ...more

Nothing but my own devices

Library windowsSteve is now on his way home and I’m so glad. I cannot believe that I spent X amount of years living alone – it’s so boring. I can’t stand not being on a regular schedule and having the days just stretch on like that....more

On Crossing the English Channel and Making Dreams Come True

April has been a very blah month for me.  It has rained almost every single day, and I have felt like I'm under house arrest.  Except when I have to go to the market, and get completely drenched in the constant rain.  A trip to the coast was a very welcome reprieve last week, but I have really been itching to go somewhere.  Finances have been tight, with taxes and our car breaking ...more