Yummy Baked Scones With Herbs & Loads Of Cheese

I used to drool at the variety of scones available at the Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Durham – cheese, cranberry, sultana, plain, herbs etc. They came in all shapes and sizes too – round, hexagonal, triangular and sometimes squarish as well. One scone per day was all it took to make me a happy maiden at lunch. Those were the good old days…...more

No Fuss, Just Plain English Oven Baked Chips

It’s definitely not as nice as deep fried ones I think. But the baking process actually helps to retain the original flavours of the potato, which makes the fries tastier in another way. And of course, this version is generally assumed to be healthier as well....more

Bramley Apple and Pork Parcel

Bramley apple is a type of sour apple that is usually used in cooking, due to its light weight and fluffiness, rather than eaten raw. I cannot agree more with this description given in Wikipedia – it tastes horribly sour by itself....more

Medieval Girdle Bread On A Modern Griddle Pan

Two years ago, I told myself (and the rest of the world in a previous blog post) that I was going to try to make girdle bread soon. Today, I finally got down to doing it....more

English Majors

1. You'll never hear me say that I have too many books. Unless I'm moving. Then I'm constantly bitching about having too many damn books.2. You'll never hear an English Major say they don't need a calculator? Huh. I usually don't need one. I guess it's that background in engineering. People do look at me weird when I say I have an MA in English. I don't look like the type....more

What Every Non-Native English Speaker Longs For

What Every Non-Native English Speaker Longs For ...more

The Value of a Tri-Lingual Education

As the owner of a children's store called Little Green Beans, people always ask me about my kids. Where are they when I am working? My children attend preschool while my husband and I work full time. Around age 2, I started to consider how to bring more structure to my son's day. He loved (and still loves) to play. He's bright and creative. He was just ready for more school and learning than day care....more

Step into My Rose Gardens for a One Minute Tour

I have been away on business for a few days. I always feel like Rip Van Winkle when I get back, because everything has grown so much I barely recognize it! Let me take you on a quick tour of my rose garden(s). :)I have four (David Austin) English Roses variety “The Herbalist” and they are in full bloom~...more
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