I Bought A Bigger House So I Would Entertain More: Time to Downsize

If I knew you were coming, not only would I not have baked a cake, I probably would’ve pulled the blinds shut as you were moseying up the walkway. That’s how much I hate to entertain. Anyone. Even Bradley Cooper. Especially Bradley Cooper. Don’t get me wrong: he’s more than welcome in my house (and in my bed), but he better not be looking for me to cook him anything....more

Champagne Cake!

The New Year is just a few days away! Some of us are still planning our festivities, so you might as well add this show stopping party cake to the list! This Champagne Cake is the perfect make ahead cake to ring in the New Year (and to impress your guests)!...more
That's Gorgeous. Happy new year!more

Making a Charcuterie Board

 Oh my goodness, this year is flying by and the holiday are edging closer and closer. I am starting to get a little anxious because typically by this time I have begun shopping and wrapping, as of yet I've done nothing. ...more

How to Make a Hunger Games DIY Mockingjay Pin Hanging Chandelier

If you’re planning a Hunger Games-themed bash and don’t know where to start, have no fear – you know PanemPropaganda has you covered! Here's an awesome how-to by our friend and follower, Stefan, for a beautiful mockingjay chandelier that can serve as the centerpiece for a Hunger Games gathering that even Effie Trinket would be proud to attend! ...more


Elefantbox is a blog focussed on loving, laughing, giving and living. A useful site for finding gift ideas, organisational tips, entertaining ideas, and ways to make life more fun....more

Living in Costa Rica and starting a blog at 62.

As I sit on this 300 year old fountain and contemplate my 1 month old Blog, I sure can see I have learned a lot of new things. First off, I know it's about time, But I have learned to cut and paste. Like, 6 times now. If nothing else, this blog stuff is really good for my brain. Best part. I am having fun, I always talk about food anyway. I am always thinking about what I am going to cook next. Like last night I was craving something sweet. I was thinking, I could bake something, it was kinda late so I thought maybe banana bread so we could have it for breakfast....more

Roast Chicken - Norman Rockwell Worthy Entertaining

Though I purport to be a pretty okay home cook and generally feel like I can make a decent dinner, there are a some kitchen skills a twenty-something should know that I've never even attempted. Case in point:  I've never roasted a whole bird.  Can I really call myself a good cook if I don't have that seemingly simple (stick the whole thing in the oven!) yet definitely daunting (salmonella!  Dry chicken!!) task down??  I think not.So, I'm challenging myself to recreate this:...more

Wine for the Holidays: How to Find the Perfect Wine with Zero Stress

I’ve been working in the wine industry for 13 years now.  Through all of the years that I’ve been the wine selector for holiday meals with the family, holiday parties with friends, or wine events that I’ve hosted and organized for wineries/wine companies I’ve learned a few things. And what I learned is to simplify because getting complicated about wine just isn’t necessary....more

You Will Recognize These People At Your Holiday Buffet!

What is it about standing in line for food that brings out the DMV in people?  This holiday season, whether you're (smart and) eating out at a restaurant, serving the hearty meal in your own home, or partaking in the holiday at someone else's house, chances are the scene will not resemble a Norman Rockwell painting. People will be getting up from the main table to obtain food from what we call a "Buffet."...more

Imaginary Brand or Organization

Monday, November 3Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you'd love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?Interesting.  I'm not even sure how to answer this one!  As I am actually on the market to find myself a new job, this is quite serendipitous!  How about I write about my dream position that may or may not even exist?The pitch that would completely drag me in would be as follows:...more