Planning Your Small, Sophisticated Holiday Dinner Party

The holidays can be overwhelming with shopping, hand-writing holiday cards, making travel arrangements and seeing folks. Instead of picking that one date in December, smack in the middle of craziness, to host a holiday bash, why not throw a few smaller gatherings during the season?...more
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(Pilgrim's) Progress Report

Looking back, it’s a blur, a filmy orange streak. Thanksgiving Day 2012 is. I thought I was ready, that this would be the year I’d achieve my goal. I didn’t want much, just to get everything on the table at its appropriate temperature. I was on track too, until they arrived, the invited guests....more
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Duties of a Party Co-Host...Essentials

Co host, co captain, co capiTAN, partner in chief… whatever you may call this person, can definitely help you to make your event go smoothly, and wonderfully, by being your right hand helper throughout the entertaining process. In my  household, my husband happens to be my right hand man.  He has actually become quite attuned to not only anticipating my hosting needs, but  he has also has crafted a co hosting routine of his own. And most of them follow....more

Be the Thanksgiving Host With the Most

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself lying awake in bed obsessing over appetizers and guest counts? (I know my Stella puppy is. She's been working like a dog!) ...more
In my family, food is love and there is no better gift than making a meal for someone you love. ...more

Pilgrims' Progress

DE·SEN·SI·TI·ZA·TION   [dee-sen-si-tuh-zey-shuhn] noun1....more
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How to prepare for an event fabulously without all the stress..

This is one thing that I’ve tried hard to get down pat, and so I will share with you what I’ve learned throughout the years.   I’m sure so many other readers can identify with that feeling of anxiety as you’re running around with curlers still in your hair, undressed, plopping things in the oven, putting the milk back in the cupboard instead of the fridge, and stepping on your pets,  while making even more of a mess! All of this can be tempered, or even all together avoided.. with a little preparation and self love!...more

From "Have a Seat", to, "Help Yourself"; What is the right way to host?

One of the best hostesses I know in the world is my mom....more

Drinks & Apps

You know those friends who can’t be away from their iPhones for any length of time? (Like, um, ME, for instance?) These wine glass charms, made from upcycled vintage Scrabble tiles (letter visible on reverse) are sure to appease them with the comforting, familiar icons they love and need. Maybe it will even be enough to convince them to leave their phones in the car. Or, more likely, they’ll be snapping pics of your cool wine charms with their iPhones. ...more

Pink or Blue?

A close friend of mine is pregnant with baby #2, and she decided she wanted to spice up the moment she and her husband learned the sex of their new bundle.   So what happened next?  Her best friend and her sister-in-law consulted an ex...more