Easy Raw and Vegan Recipes to Freshen Your Summer Table

Of all the many joys of summer months—longer afternoons, weekends spent with one’s toes in the sand, farmers’ markets bursting with ripe produce—outdoor entertaining is one of the sweetest. What’s better than the chance to celebrate balmy weather and one’s loved ones at once? Summer is the season in which friends most love to share fresh food. ...more
I guess this is a popular subject these days, I just stumbled upon a slideshow presentation ...more

House Parties


Evolution of Spring Break + Squash. It Makes Sense?

Day 1: Monday...more

In Pursuit of Imperfection

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Pro Active Social Life

I have complained here often about my need to keep our social life intact. The cause being that my parents had completely shut theirs down and the results were absolutely no friends at Mom's funeral. I so hated that. I have found that you have to be a bit proactive in the endeavour to keep your social life ACTIVE! So for the past year I have pushed that to keep ours moving. In fact....more

What's Cookin' Super Bowl Sunday?

So we have an East Coast match up set for Sunday: the New York Giants will take on the New England Patriots. And trust me readers, this is good for the Super Bowl menu. ...more


It was Saturday today, and since I slept late I got up late and made myself some breakfast.  This morning, I had promised to go to the bank with my daughter to get her husbands name added to the account I previously had joint with her. The bank required all of us to be there to sign the papers. ...more

New York Giants Cupcakes

These New York Giants tailgating cupcakes were so fun to make, and were the perfect addition to tailgating last month, but are also perfect for this weekend's Giants game-day playoff parties! ...more

Rustic Wine-Soaked Red Onion Tart

One of the items I always try to keep in my freezer is Pepperidge Farm Pastry Puff Sheets. They're not the healthiest or gluten free, but they are tasty, very versatile and easy to make -- making them perfect for last-minute entertaining....more

Clever Find - DrinkiD Bands

I have several (unfortunate) pet peeves....more