The Best Christmas Eve Ever--Part One

It was snowing for real now. Cottonballs from the sky. I sprinted over to Dart Drug for a bag of kitty litter—emergency traction for the car, just in case. Back at the apartment I filled my Jazzercise water bottle and grabbed a Snickers bar—emergency sustenance for my stomach, just in case....more

Hostess with the Mostess

Stress Less this Christmas- Hostess with the mostess edition Being a hostess is hard for me. I'm not sure why, it's just not one of those things that comes naturally to me. I love having people over, I'm just not that great at playing that role once they get here. People that know me well, know that if they want something to drink, they are more than welcome to help themselves, because without meaning to be rude, hours can pass and I will forget to offer a beverage....more

Holiday Lobster Salad & a Cookbook Giveaway!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…..~The perfect time to start a supper club, or rekindle the one you are already in!I’m excited to share a few pieces of press that are out right now. Shameless self promotion (I know)…but I am excited.The article I wrote about the supper club trend is featured in the December issue of  Costco Connection magazine. If you are not a subscriber, click here to read the online version. ...more

Thanksgiving Shortcuts

Are you entertaining this Thanksgiving? Are feeling the anxiety of the season creeping up on you yet? I am. I need a nap, being completely exhausted just thinking about my To Do list. So, in looking to simplify my life, I’m on the lookout for clever shortcuts. Thought you’d appreciate some of these ideas and tips I found in my search for simplifying the entertaining process:...more

Do you know your wine style? Throw a holiday party to find out!

Entertaining for the holidays? Tired of the boring old party with cliché holidays themes and dishes? Step outside your hosting comfort zone, and find out what kind of wine drinkers you and your friends are. You might just surprise yourself. And you will definitely have festive fun in the process......more

Favorite Things Party

 Two friends and I hosted a Favorite Things Party last weekend.  Jessica and I had been chatting about how fun it would be for what seems like forever, and after a month of planning (and some hair pulling...Jess and I are both a bit too much stressed-out-Type-A personalities!) it was finally party time!click here to read more!...more

3/30: CDWM II: Helen's dessert

One thing we talked about on this Come Dine With Me evening was holidays and our need for them. While Helen was preparing food in the kitchen Suzy and I told Lauren about how we'd been talking about a desire to have a relaxing holiday for once - no running for trains, or getting rained on, or even any being abandoned in the middle of nowhere - we just want to go somewhere with a beach, read a book and have someone handsome hand us a cocktail on the hour, every hour. "So where do you want to go?" asked Lauren. "Somewhere with a beach," we replied in helpful unison....more

Enchanting Hostess or Hostzilla?

Chances are, if you've been over to our house for a meal, I have it noted in my menu/entertaining diary.  It's not the kind of diary where I recap every thought or conversation.  Mine is more of a snapshot of the meal I planned and executed.   ...more

8 Easy Tricks to Hosting a Halloween Bash

By Tara Riceberg, Guest Contributor – Party Planning & EntertainingThrowing a Halloween party doesn’t have to be spooky. With these tricks, your guests will be treated to a frightfully fun time!...more

The Hostess with the Mostess - 5 Easy Tips

By Tara Riceberg, Guest Contributor – Party Planning & EntertainingThe success of a party is completely dependent upon the hostess.  Be happy and well prepared to eliminate stress and ensure a fun time for all.Here are 5 tips to guide you:...more