5 top touring shows for kids and families

It's no secret that your choices in entertainment tend to change when you have kids. Young kids simply wouldn't appreciate the splendor of a magnificent stage production such as "Phantom of the Opera," and you probably have less disposable income to spend on show tickets than you did B.K. (before kids)....more

Robin Williams, Suicide and "This Time"

By now, everyone has learned of the tragic, sudden loss of legendary Robin Williams.  Since I received my first pair of Mork suspenders decades ago, I’ve been a fan.  Robin entertained generations of us through the years with classics like “Dead Poets Society” and child-favorite, “Jumanji.” ...more

When TV Can be Good for Moms

Moms are constantly crowded with information that TV is bad always and you should never let anyone in your family watch it. Between overstimulation and violent programs, the dangers of TV always seem to outweigh any positives. Many parents have even considered canceling their TV subscriptions all together to save their children from the harmful effects of TV....more

Hurry! Act Now! This Offer Won't Last!

Any chance I had at an inheritance has gone straight into David Venable’s pockets.  Don’t know who David Venable is?  He’s that hard-to-hate, always happy, seriously-quantities-are-limited host on QVC.  I think he may even have a fan club.  Thousands of lovely older ladies who tune in a couple times a week to see what he’s hawking. One of those lovely older persons happens to be Marge.  I discovered just how often she tunes in the other day when I was looking for a box.  Actually, I discovered two things the other day:...more

From Driving Miss Daisy to Steel Magnolias

I’m taking my life in my hands driving in Omaha.  Now before you convulse in fits of laughter, ask yourself the following questions:1)       Have I ever been to Omaha?  Do I even know where Omaha is?  Do I think Omaha and Oklahoma are one and the same?  (I’ll give you a hint:  Omaha is a city, not a state, and the two are not interchangeable.)...more
This must be what I sound like while driving with my kids. Yikes!more

Turn Back the Time #TGIF Playlist

 Get Your Groove On With Our 'Time' Playlist This was a short work week for me since we got back from our vacation on Wednesday. Though the work week was short the days seemed to drag on. Vacation time definitely goes by faster then work time. Since we can’t turn back the clocks and still be on vacation, I can at least dedicate this playlist to it....more

The Children Take Power in the Final Episode of Game of Thrones Season 4

Remember where the heart is. Best Moments For The Non-Book Reader.I found myself yelling at the TV this past Sunday when the screen turned black, that possibly couldn’t have been 66 minutes! The final episode of season 4, The Children ended with a few surprising twists and a couple road trips....more

10 Things You Didn't Know About Ruby Dee

The amazing Ruby Dee passed away a few days ago and is now mourned by countless fans. Here are some things you don't know about her..or maybe you did know, but let's take a moment to reflect on how Fabulous and Blessed she was.  ...more
Thanks Blogher! Glad that this post was featured! The post about Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan is very ...more

Brutal Moments In Game of Thrones The Mountain and The Viper

Confessions can lead to brutally crushing moments. The Mountain and The Viper's Best Moments. Safe for non-book readers....more