Best TV Streaming Services

Advancements in technology, as well as the emergence of the Internet, have brought about incredible changes in the entertainment industry. The times of tuning in live or purchasing expensive DVDs to catch up on your favorite movies and shows are now a thing of the past. Online TV streaming services have made watching everything including sports, movies, shows, live news, and lots more possible on virtually any device....more

Best Suspense Thriller Movies of All Time You Should Never Miss

It’s only when you bite your nail, scratch your scalp few times, get engrossed in the characters of the movie and start guessing what could happen next that you can actually say you are watching a good suspense thriller movie. The moment the plot appears familiar, predictable and unreal, the movie fails to fulfill its purpose. There are many weird, incomprehensible, confusing, mysterious movies which cast their eerie ‘what next?’ effect on the viewers even today. Suspense movies have a very hypnotic effect on its viewers if it has been presented properly....more

Its a Magicians life, and this is the strangest request I have ever had.

This is an incident that happened a while back. Its so crazy I have to share it....more

Technology: Helping connect kindred spirits.

Technology has helped people in so many ways. From increasing productivity at work to entertaining us at home, technological advances have made people’s live better in so many ways. We have more time, we can access more information, and we can communicate instantly with others around the world....more


  There are two things every brand has to do to stay ahead in the age of audience-centric marketing:1. Create experiences for consumers2. Make sure they're ones people actually want to share...more

Independent Artist: Who Is Squad R3ADYy?

Do you know what independent music is? ...more

These are the Best Selling Hoverboards in 2016.

What can we say about this wonderful product? Without a doubt, just by looking at a Hoverboard make us think about a futuristic wave and an incredible product we would like to add to our wishlist. ...more