‘Tis the Season For Seasonal Help

Do you have the pulse of your business when it comes to your workforce? There may be four quarters in a year but that doesn’t mean they all have the same staffing needs. Each year you may be faced with staff vacations, illness, maternity leave or regular upticks in business that require more hands on deck. Here are some common “high seasons” to consider:...more

learning to be okay with sucking (and letting go of the comfort of success)

So almost 6 months into the full time start-up gig and I'll have friends ask me if I miss my former life.  By that I can only mean the stable, predictable, plannable, co-worker plentiful life.  Where I knew exactly what it would take to succeed and do my job well and be considered successful and accomplished....more

The Great Staffing Company - How To Know You've Picked A Winner

There are a lot of staffing companies out there. Some of those companies do a good job and others do a great job. How do you know if you selected the right one? Here are four ways of knowing that you made the right choice:...more

Just Gor For It: Blog Round-Up

Happy Friday! This has been a 'just go for it' type of week for me. I started a video blog column, which caused me to be both excited & nervous. I had been thinking & writing about doing it for a while, and I just decided it was time to go for it.“Whatever it is your heart desires, please go for it, it’s yours to have”. ~Gloria Estefan...more
Please also share any great inspirational stories that you have read this week in the columns. ...more

I had to learn this mantra: Get up. Again. And Again.

A female mobile tech entrepreneur’s story. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. And, in my case, this was true in more ways than one.I was getting my MBA at Emory University in Atlanta, at night, and working my corporate advertising job during the day. But my last semester, in the wake of the financial crisis, I was laid off....more

4 Everyday Expenses to Cut From Your Business’ Budget This Summer

For a lot of entrepreneurs, summertime can easily become a season to coast through, riding on the success of your winter and spring sales. It can also be easy to keep up your business’s spending habits, even if sales aren't at their highest, and find yourself in some serious summer debt, if you aren't careful. Keep it at bay with these budget-friendly tips!Skip The Latte...more

How to Transition From Being an Employee to an Entrepreneur in Four Easy Steps

As we dive into springtime, there may be some entrepreneurial thoughts floating around the cubicles of employees. If you have a strong idea in place, the new season may be the perfect opportunity to break out of the corporate world and venture into becoming your own boss and running a start-up. There’s no better time like the present to get your running start! But before you make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, keep the following tips in mind to make for a smoother shift.Communicate with your current boss....more

5 Rules for Becoming a Guilt-Free Momtrepreneur

No job description has more bullet points than a mom’s: nurse, teacher, nutritionist, accountant — not to mention the voice of innumerable storybook characters. It’s hard to juggle all this alongside a business, and you might feel like you’re always sacrificing something, whether that’s time with your kids, your business, or time for yourself (yes, that’s still a thing)....more

My first time was not that great!

                The first time I took my handmade dolls and leather home decor/ fashion designs from comfortable and safe studio out into the world, I was both excited and fearful.                 I had agreed to offer my creations at a local arts and craft show. ...more