Blog Roundup - How to Price Your Services

When you first strike out on your own, you're eager for your first client. I know I certainly was. Then inevitably the question hits - what should I charge for my services? When starting out, the tendency is to want to low-ball your prices because you might feel: ...more
Thanks for reading -- yes this is a prime example where we might think - oh but is $200 ...more

My Husband Won't Support My Dreams

My husband is in the Army, and is currently living 1,800 miles away from me while he trains for his upcoming deployment. In the meantime, I've been in the process of chasing a dream and starting my own business over the last year. It's been slow, tedious work, but I'm finally getting liftoff and gaining momentum. Each time I call and excitedly tell him about the good news, he pisses all over my joy. He'll get skeptical and cynical, and ask about the worst-case scenario, and offer a halfhearted, "Uh…well, congratulations…" It's heartbreaking. I love him to death, but I'm on the brink of doing something amazing and need his support and encouragement. Help! ...more
I am completely in the same situation. Over years of arguing and many times I have wanted to ...more

How to Keep Going When You're Growing a Business

Last night I was having a conversation with my financial advisor when we started talking about perseverance and what it REALLY takes to build a business. I was fairly amazed at how different her perspective was after a decade in her own company than mine was after a little over four years full-time. ...more

Trying to Control Your Life or Business - A Recipe for Stress

When you go out on your own as an entrepreneur it can feel freeing and overwhelming. Yet most of us have an indomitable spirit that no matter what we can take control, make it happen, and succeed. For some that takes the form of being overly controlling (can you say control freak?). It's understandable, right? After all part of why most of us go solo is to have more influence and control over our own success (or lack thereof). So it seems natural that we'd want to control things. This comes at a cost and can ultimately bring you down though. ...more

Down with Mompreneurs

Not the people, the word. ...more
Absolutely! I run a private daycare out of my home. Like you, I'm an entrepreneur who ...more

How to Manage Your Career or Business When Personal Crises Arise

All the business and career advice in the book is great. But, what happens when you're on the path to where you want to go when life intrudes in a major way? Do you stay on the path? Can you do it all? Do you have to give up the dream? I had to walk this very path last year myself and I learned a lot about myself and business in the process. ...more
Thanks for the great advice. My mom is getting older and is beginning to have health problems. I ...more

How to Choose What Networking Events to Attend

Right now as I type BlogHer '11 is in full swing in San Diego. While I am bummed that I am not there -- what's not to like - great conference, great people, and a great city - as I mapped out my travel schedule for the year, it wasn't meant to be this year. So I'm counting on a wonderful team of contributors and members to capture and share the magic so I can feature it here in the coming week. Whether it is a big conference or your local business networking group - how do you choose which to attend? Let me share with you my advice. ...more
I love this topic, thanks so much for sharing.more

Doing Business Without a Bra

There are a lot of reasons why people start their own businesses: they want to make their own hours, bring a new idea to the marketplace, build a legacy for their family, amass wealth. Me? I just want to work without a bra....more


    "There will be sleep enough in the grave." - Benjamin Franklin   Now, before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out. I love to sleep and I'm all for EVERYONE getting a solid 7-8 hours a night....more

Motherly Love- Staying @ Home Is Possible

Hi blogher community.  My name is Brandy and I recently joined the site to get some ideas on working from home and making additional income.  I have a two year old son that keeps me extremely busy during the day while my husband works full-time as a warehouse worker with a well known compay.  I came to the realization that for my household, it is more cost effective to care for my own child saving myself child care cost and fuel for work commute.  For the past 90 days I searched, the web for jobs and products t...more