8 Highly Aspiring Businesses for Women Who Wish to Become Entrepreneurs

In the last decade or so, there have been a lot of changes in the way things are done. Major trends have changed and things that didn’t seem possible have actually happened. This also applies to women entrepreneurs. There was a time when no one would have thought women being part of the business world and yet it is a reality today. Not only are women holding executive positions in Fortune 500 companies, they are also running their own businesses....more

6 FREE Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

What is good for women in business is good for the economy. Many economists say that women are the future of economic expansion and I certainly believe it.  The good news is that women are taking on the world of entrepreneurship with unprecedented success. The number of women entrepreneurs is reaching new highs in 2016 and there are no signs of slowing down. According to CrunchBase, 9.5% of startups had at least one woman founder in 2009, but by 2014 that rate has almost doubled to 18%....more

10 Great Lines from Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention

During the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama gave a speech with 10 lines that were great for entrepreneurs. No matter what your political party, if you are an entrepreneur, there were some strong and powerful lessons for you and your business. ...more

3 Tips to Succeed and Avoid Burnout Working At Home

Working from home is a dream that many of us have. Working in our yoga pants, answering only to ourselves, and working hours that fit in with our life seems too good to be true. Although it has many benefits, there are many disadvantages to working at home as well. It can be especially hard if you are like me and have an 8-5 job on top of that. Writing is something I love to do, and I feel blessed that I can help support my family with it, but it can be demanding and overwhelming a lot of the time....more

3 Unusual Habits You Won’t Believe Successful Entrepreneurs Have

Ask anyone about the habits of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sergey Brin and Mack Zuckerberg, and they’d probably tell you they’re courageous, creative, persistent and risk-taking.But, apart from these characteristics that successful entrepreneurs share, you’d be surprised by some odd habits these people share.1. CryingWhile you may consider this habit to be embarrassing and a sign of vulnerability, many successful entrepreneurs are reported to have cried on different occasions....more

WE are the Women Leaders This World Needs

A fact: we know we need more women CEOs, CFOs and board members.So where are they? They were at the EY Women in Leadership Summit in Monaco in June 2015 discussing ways to get more women in positions of power. Some of the world’s most respected and powerful entrepreneurs, members of royalty and successful business leaders talked about ways to push our colleagues forward.  But those women were representative of all of us. ...more

Business Loans: Women rejected, but not dejected

A recent study published by the Democratic staffers of the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee details how difficult it is for women to get funding for their startups. While women own 30 percent of all small businesses, they only get $1 out of every $23 loaned....more

Self-Employed But Not Self-Interested: Female Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are starting trends that extend beyond their bottom line. These women are the owners of start-ups that create businesses or organizations that give back. Through this social work, their businesses become even more impactful as local communities and economies depend on these women. So what is it that drives these them? More than just maternal instinct, logical decision-making combined with compassion for a cause sets a standard for savvy women and men around the world....more

How To Motivate Yourself To Start The Business Of Your Dreams

Being an entrepreneur is a hard and often times terrifying job. It involves taking a good amount or risks (some of which can seem to be complete gambles at the time), and being dilligent and focused on completing a constant workload. When you’re an entrepreneur, you never leave work at home because your work is your passion, making your passion and personal life one and the same....more
Thanks for inspiring and motivating us! I am working on developing my start-up and this article ...more

Learning to Sew, Creating a Career

Learning to sew led to one of my greatest accomplishments: a fulfilling and creative professional life. ...more
@TheDebtPrincess Thank you so much!  Yes, it is so nice to sew for my girls and I hope you do ...more