Business Loans: Women rejected, but not dejected

A recent study published by the Democratic staffers of the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee details how difficult it is for women to get funding for their startups. While women own 30 percent of all small businesses, they only get $1 out of every $23 loaned....more

Self-Employed But Not Self-Interested: Female Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are starting trends that extend beyond their bottom line. These women are the owners of start-ups that create businesses or organizations that give back. Through this social work, their businesses become even more impactful as local communities and economies depend on these women. So what is it that drives these them? More than just maternal instinct, logical decision-making combined with compassion for a cause sets a standard for savvy women and men around the world....more

How To Motivate Yourself To Start The Business Of Your Dreams

Being an entrepreneur is a hard and often times terrifying job. It involves taking a good amount or risks (some of which can seem to be complete gambles at the time), and being dilligent and focused on completing a constant workload. When you’re an entrepreneur, you never leave work at home because your work is your passion, making your passion and personal life one and the same....more
Thanks for inspiring and motivating us! I am working on developing my start-up and this article ...more

Learning to Sew, Creating a Career

Learning to sew led to one of my greatest accomplishments: a fulfilling and creative professional life. ...more
@TheDebtPrincess Thank you so much!  Yes, it is so nice to sew for my girls and I hope you do ...more

Lifetime Makes Entrepreneurs Dreams a Reality with Supermarket Superstar

 Lifetime Makes Entrepreneurs Dreams a Reality ...more

Don't give away your power. Stay focused on SUCCESS!

A reporter once asked me, "Susan, are there people who would like to see you fail?""Absolutely.  And I'm glad there are," I replied.  Surprised by my answer the reporter asked me to explain my answer.  The explanation is simple....more

How 5 Inspiring Entrepreneurs View Branding

By Janette Speyer and Katrina McNeillAt times we all need to be inspired. This is why we’re sharing our five entrepreneurial stories so you might find inspiration in their mega-success and how they developed their companies and emphasized the importance of branding....more

Monday Motivation: Power Down and Don’t You Regret It!

It’s Monday morning, and if you are like me, this means you are catching up on tons of email, writing out your weekly plan, goals for the week, and trying to decide what to tackle first. This Monday is especially hectic because last week, I fell sick after taking care of two sick children. Although I am not 100 percent better, I feel well enough to get in a full day’s worth of work and then some. This morning, only for about half a second, I allowed myself to regret not powering up this weekend. ”If only I had written at least one post, I may be a little further along this morning.“ No. ...more
I have been doing this since December, and it has made a world of difference in my family life. ...more

To Babyboomers That Still Dream

 The new cyber-world and our shifting economic foundation ... the last of the baby-boomer generation of which I am a member is now approaching retirement age and we are caught between two generations, our aging parents and our own families.  We are providing and caring for both....more