The Freeze. Here and at Augusta National Golf Course

I knew it was too good to be true.  My summer shirts are still hanging on the bottom rack of my closet because I knew there was no way that we would have spring from here on out.  Mother nature has been teasing us with temperatures warm enough to trick the trees and bushes into blooming 6 weeks early....more
 @KarenLynnn Yes. Yes. Crossing my fingers.more

My Suffragette Grandmother

Scandinavian Women's Suffrage Association Minneapolis, May 2, 1914 (Image source)  It's International Women's Day and I'm thinking abo...more

Who's Afraid of the F-Word?

I recently overheard a snippet of conversation that went something like this: a young woman protested defensively, “Well, I’m not a feminist!” and the man she was talking to quickly said, “Oh, no, of course, not, I didn’t mean to imply you were a feminist.” They might as well have said leper, or moron, or cripple, except all of those words would have had people leaping to their defense: How dare you use the word “leper” like that?  Have you no respect for the millions of people suffering from leprosy? So let...more

What Martin Luther King Jr. Means to Me

I was just barely three years old when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.  That makes my life one that has really never had a first hands understanding of what his struggle was like.  I have never known a time when there wasn't such a thing as the Civil Rights Movement.  I have never seen 'separate but equal'....more
Thanks, Char. I really believe in following your dreams!more

Men Are [Officially] The High Maintenance Ones!

I sort of knew this already, but now I have confirmation. Guys take longer to get ready than gals according to this study. That’s right, it’s the switch-a-roo of the century. Women used to be stereotypically labeled as high maintenance when it came to the getting ready routine, but now it is the men who take longer to get their pretty selves ready....more


*****HISTORY MADE, as Lesbian Couple is named homecoming king & queen************     Patrick Henry High School, in San Diego County recently celebrated a milestone in human rights for the GLBT community. Rebeca Arellano(King) and her queen Haleigh Adams received this honor from their peers, as an out pouring of support from the students....more

Just A Kiss: Leisha Hailey and Southwest Airlines

I've been out for over 20 years and I've seen incredible progress towards GLBT equality. In the face of such progress, it is easy to believe that full equality is inevitable. Sometimes, it is even easy to believe that it's near.And then something happens to remind me that, as far as we've come -- we haven't really come that far after all. Like the incident actress/musician Leisha Hailey reported while on a Southwest Airlines flight this week ......more
So sad!!! Other than no longer flying SW I can raise my daughter to not only think differently ...more


GAY AND LESBIAN RESOURCES              NEW NEWS:Illinois college becomes first to ask undergrads if they're gay...more


I have Wonderful news todayIn a recent poll we see a new upward trend...Opinions are shifting 54% of Americans are in favor of Same-sex marriage up 8% from a few years ago. Indicating favorable outcome for the GLBT community.CONGRATULATIONS...more


EQUALITY EXPRESS  My views on the opposition for Same-Sex marriage:The best way for me to describe my ideas would be to make use of the following analogy. ...more