'American Blogger' Still Isn't Getting The Outrage. Let Me Break It Down.

There is something truly beautiful in two creatives supporting one another through their art the way the Weigands do. And as Casey Leigh noted in today's post, titled "Response to the American Blogger Controversy" they never imagined that Christopher's uplifting film about the power of building community through blogging would become a target for so much derision. Here's why that's not good enough. ...more
If it's ok for the wife to have a blog circle that's not diverse, then the problem would have to ...more

How to Solve Worldwide Poverty. Seriously.

So, you’re taking a stroll on some rarely used train tracks. The track you’re walking along branches off not too far from where you are. A lone walker is going down one branch while a group of teenagers are congregated on the other. As you reach the fork and are considering which way you want to go, you see a train coming towards you. It’s still a little way off, but you hop off the track all the same. Turning around, you discover that neither the individual or the teenagers have noticed the oncoming train and are still on the tracks....more

Should I Monetize My Blog?

     With a recent and persistent increase in the popularity of my blog, I find myself wondering whether I should "monetize," or add paid advertisements. ...more
@Karen Ballum That's good to know.  Since I've never considered ads before, I am not even ...more

Do Your Research

During the course of teaching last school year I planned and taught a lesson to my students about the importance of recognizing media bias and getting news from a variety of reputable news sources. As anyone who is on any form of social media knows not everyone has learned this lesson because we all have that friend or those several friends who are reposting every single conspiracy theory or scandal that they come across. This annoys me to no end, and often times I want to point out the fallacy in their logic....more

Vegan-ish?: Not Eating Meat, Except When You Do

Over the last 43 years, I've been a vegan, a vegetarian, and a meat-eater. Now I think of myself as vegan-ish....more
I see that I came across this article a while after it was posted, but I must say, I read it at ...more

What Are Your Organization's Values?

A good marketing plan, like all organizational processes, is grounded in the organization’s values. Values are the implicit and explicit beliefs about people, relationships, and community which guide your organization’s decisions and actions. They are ethical ideals to which your organization consistently aspires....more

In Blog We Trust: Affiliate Disclosure and Community

I think that affiliate links are a great way for bloggers to do business across social media platforms. Yet, they’re not always disclosed as such, and that’s a problem. Our success depends on the integrity of this community. A blogosphere built on trust and authenticity. ...more
I know I'm proud to use the #ad hashtag because it means I'm getting paid to blog. It means I'm ...more

Your Personal DNA Mask: Are You Ready for the Big Reveal?

The level of “masking” in the information age is multi-dimensional.  While personal banking was historically done in person, masks of account numbers and use...more
I believe there are so many ethical questions that exist around this that   I cannot proceed to ...more

Number Games: The Problem With Twitter, Klout, and Social Media Rank

Social media was abuzz this week over news about people buying Twitter followers. I thought this was common knowledge, but from the reactions I saw, I realized many were unaware. I'm happy to see that it’s being acknowledged and discussed. Sure, followers can be bought, but at what cost? ...more
The way to grow a legitimate following on twitter is not to look for those who  worship you but ...more