7 Simple Tips to Get You Through a New Fitness Class

If you are attending a fitness class for the first time, it can be pretty frickin' nerve wracking, whether you're just new to a specific format or new to workout classes PERIOD! I want you to know, I understand. It's intimidating walking into a class where you have no clue what to really expect, you don't know a soul and then on top of that, you have the regulars who are chatting away like they're BFF's. However, that's merely temporary. Get the first time or two out of the way and pretty soon you'll be the regular talking it up with your classmates. ...more
@foodlovegirl I couldn't agree more with your points! When you start out already frazzled, it ...more

Orange Theory Fitness Review

Tips for Fitting Exercise into your Schedule

Fitting exercise into your daily routine is very difficult. Most of us work full time jobs, which means we either have to get up extra early to work out or come home from a long day at work, tired and then work out. Some of us are stay at home parents, doing laundry, going to play dates, cleaning the house, running errands and then trying to fit working out in your busy schedule.Either way, working out has to become a lifetime commitment that is part of your daily routine. But once you get it figured out, you can make it work and you become a happier, healthier you....more


Earlier I told you my relationship with exercise is volatile. I love it. I hate it. I mask the hate by finding excuses not to do it. But when I love it I can’t stop talking about it. As a result I keep falling off and back on this exercise wagon. It really does hurt to get back on. I know because I do this a lot. Today I got back on it. My excuse lately had been the weather. It’s too cold I would say. But today the sun was out, the sky bright and blue; I didn’t have a reason not to....more

Fitness Friday Office Workout 4/10

Back to the regular Fitness Friday style this week - a full body mini workout to target all the major muscle groups... Lets get the blood pumping today!  Who's ready?? ...more

Nutrition and Fitness Terms Cheat Sheet

If you’re pretty new to the whole nutrition and fitness world, you might not know what the heck some of the more common terms mean....more

General Exercise Guidelines for Dogs

Making sure your dog is getting the proper amount of exercise is crucial to his health and happiness.Because dogs have a lot of energy they need stimulation to deter them from engaging in sometimes destructive behaviors that can often times be corrected.The solution? Develop a consistent exercise routine. Factors that determine how much exercise a dog needs:Age, Size, Breed, Health, and Individual traitsKnow your breed and understand your dog’s individual needs!...more

Fitness Foodies...

It is difficult to talk about diet, weight and health without including the topic of physical exercise.  During my dietary guidelines research, I unearthed a statistic that I have pondered over the past few weeks.USDA data reports that more than 50% of adults in the United States are not physically active. ...more

How to Use Your Fitbit to Get Back in Shape

Since I posted the picture below on Facebook and announced that my husband and I have lost about 135 pounds between the two of us, I've gotten several questions from friends asking for details: how we did it and how we used our Fitbits. So here goes. ...more
Katie Jenkins Thank you so much! Have you considered selling the craptastic one and getting ...more

Workout Wednesday: 10 Minute Circuits

Good morning! Spring has sprung and the weather has been beautiful this week! I have been trying to get outside with clients or on my free time as much as possible. Gotta love some Vitamin D from the sunshine!It has been a very busy week packed with clients and appointments and I have been scraping for some time to exercise myself. Back-to-back appointments all day can make it a little tough to find a good chunk of time to get a decent workout done....more